Tim Cook in His Latest Interview: The Reality Augmented Is Better That The Reality Virtual

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook is in a small “tour” of New York this week. It has given an interview to Good Morning America, a television program from the United States which has given some details about the new AirPods, new iPhone 7 and virtual/augmented reality.
On this last issue, Tim cook said that the augmented is the larger of the two reality, Since it allows people to be more present in the use of technology. In addition, he says that virtual reality has a very interesting application in education and video games.
Is virtual reality and augmented reality, both are incredibly interesting, but my opinion is that augmented reality is the largest of the two, probably by far, because now both of us are here talking, but we could have other – Visual – things, perhaps they are things of which they do not talk, perhaps another person who is not present but it seems.
On the other hand, you have not forgotten to do a small promotion 7 iPhone and the AirPods:
The wireless world is the future. When you decide what the future is, what you want is to be in it as soon as possible. Is important to consumers? Well, the plug, jack, takes up enough space on the phone, and there are more important things that we can put the consumer in that space that is not the jack. We can offer a greater battery, stereo speakers, which are now activated because there is no jack anywhere.
I’ve been on tapes of running and walking, I have done all the things that normally is done. Do you know that feeling of walking with earphones and feel who is constantly trapped in something? Thanks to the new AirPods you will never have that problem.
On other occasions the possibility that has weighed Apple is preparing a new virtual/augmented reality device. Now, with these statements all seems to indicate that if they will remove any product it will be more focused on that augmented reality to the virtual thanks to the possibilities offered with respect to the second.