Tim Cook Announces a New Research and Development Center in China to End This Year

In an attempt to increase presence in the oriental country, Apple today announced itself by its CEO the arrival of a new Centre research and development in China. And is that despite the fall of sales of Apple devices in China (since consumers prefer cheaper options), the company is confident again increase your percentage of sales.
The announcement occurred due to a visit from Tim Cook this week to China. On this visit he has been talking with Minister Zhang Gaoli to detail plans that the company has in the country. In spite of this, We don’t know yet where this Center will be located exactly research or the number of workers who will have.

 China as one of the most important markets

The efforts of Apple by Turning China into one of its priority markets over the past years have not been in vain. Features of iOS exclusively dedicated to Eastern customers, launches in the Asian country rather than in European countries, investment in Didi… All this has made China position as second most important Apple and just market surpassed by United States.
While it is true that factors as being a developing country or produce mobile devices to the taste of the customers (larger screens for example) have influenced positively, there are also negative factors such as the pursuit of low ranges because of its price. This is why sales in China have also stagnated and gradually smaller and ridiculously under priced manufacturers are taking market share at the Cupertino company.
The Chinese Government nor is being so easy to Apple because of its protectionist policy
On the other hand, the Chinese Government also is being so easy to Apple. At the beginning of this year closed stores iTunes and iBooks in the country and recently has forced developers to offer all their data and pass a second review by the Government to publish an app. We’ll see where it takes all this, but opening new centers of research and development is going on the right track.