This Brings Microsoft Phone Os

Microsoft has recognized the signs of the times and in Windows Mobile 6.5, a new mobile operating system from starting. But what actually brings the new OS? We compare Windows Mobile 6.1 with the new system from Redmond.
The new entry
Compared to Windows Mobile 6.1 was Microsoft of the new version now a lock screen giving. Currently you find yourself after you have pressed the power button on this screen, which resembles the Apple iPhone.
Important functions such as enlisting a new date, the writing an SMS or send an email are reachable from here. To the actual Launcher, you get only a second step after the release of the lock screen.
The new home page looks similar as in 6.1 above the small start Windows icon, next to it the status indicators for power supply, battery, volume and Task Manager. What is new is the currently possible gesture control. By flick, you can select the individual menu items. In the corresponding submenu appears with a flick of your finger right or left. You can even set what functions in the icon should appear.
The User Interface
Forget the various settings and function window of Windows Mobile 6.1 with tiny icons on a white background. Windows Mobile 6.5 you find yourself in a honeycomb system. Each function can be easily select with your finger. Longer pressing, you can move the individual functions in this view and reach so for you main features very quickly. The single, hexagonal function fields are pretty big and can easily focus on the finger.
The honeycomb menus are graphically chic. However, these ads.. with transparency and fader effects should take also part performance. Already the Windows Mobile 6.1 phones were not the fastest. One can only hope that Microsoft and the OEMs to the production part turn on the performance screw.
The browser
The mobile IE has never been the providers in the area of Web access. Also well-known equipment manufacturers such as HTC did that. Factory was therefore mostly of found on the HTC phones better and flottere mobile browser Opera. That should change part 6.5 for Windows Mobile. The Internet Explorer Mobile 6 to usual can represent Web sites like from the PC and go particularly fast among the works. Websites are zoomed automatically to the optimum size. This should significantly improve the readability.
Also Flash sites can be now by default displayed with Windows Mobile 6.5. The IE Mobile 6 can be controlled by finger and with small icons below appear on the screen as needed. These include an infinitely variable zoom function or an address bar for quick URL entry. Speaking of URL input: when entering text you are likely to remember quickly on older versions of Windows Mobile. The virtual keyboard is not a stroke of genius: very small letters recommend the use of a stylus for input.
New Services
What was the Exchange Server available on Windows Mobile 6.1 only for users, is available at 6.5 for private users. The service “My phone”, which is standard on board for 6.5, allows the online matching of data. The user can access thus a server contacts, to store data or other contents and to match the mobile afloat. The principle is similar to that of Google with Android phones. So far, data only via ActiveSync or the Windows Mobile Center to your PC could be matched.
One makes before BB´s and after everyone else. Even Microsoft integrated an online store for applications, programs and third-party game in its new operating system of course. The Microsoft “Marketplace” is also by default on all Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.

Conclusion: Waiting For Windows Phone 7

Windows Mobile 6.5 seems successful although at first glance, disappointed but upon closer and marked only another small step towards to a modern operating system for business phones from Redmond.
Pretty, but too much waste. The latest coup from Redmond can be accurately rewrite. Of course the interface and the ease of use of Windows Mobile are 6.5 in the foreground. Compared to the previous version, you can now significantly lighter command 6.5 with a finger.
Also the new lock and home screens to convince as the graphically beautiful honeycomb structure.However, this new lightness can quickly if you dive deeper into the settings. There you will find the usual tiny icons and check boxes that can be controlled only with the pen.
Freshly Painted
A new coat of paint makes long time no new wall. This wisdom from the construction applies here as well. Windows Mobile 6.5 based still on the same core system like Windows CE, which certainly does not speak for much air upwards. Already the Windows 6.1 phones have to contend with the performance despite sufficient computing power, and without much of the graphic trappings. We wait still on Windows Mobile 7 and a hopefully truly new operating system.
The End Of 2009?
Still, Microsoft remains plenty of time for the finishing touches to 6.5. According to Steve Ballmer the refreshed operating system is only “later in the year”-so experience has shown that the end of 2009. We remember: Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 last year already for 2010, so less than a year after 6.5, promised. According to device manufacturers such as HTC is to count late in the second half of the year with first series devices. Windows Mobile 6.5 is likely to wait for so long let.