These Men and Women Should Go by Subway at Least Once a Month (To See If Resume Contact with Reality)

I do not know you, but I’m on a daily basis with people who need an urgent reality swim. I guess it’s inevitable, when someone moves in a given context of elite, forget that there is a world here below that not always is governed by the same rules as their own. For this reason, we have decided give them a ride on metro, so remember how we live the poor mortals.

Bloggers and instagrammers

Already mentioned it the other day: from the postureo to the departure of pot a step. As far as we can see in some cases, a very short passage. When the drama of life boils down to deciding if done or not a piercing in the nipple or when all and each of the daily movements (ornamental) published in Instagram, It is easy to lose touch with reality. The ride on metro, for them, will be almost prescription. In rush hour, Please.

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Socialite without a recognized profession

In the world There have always been children of. In fact, the corresponding position in society has depended on for centuries in which social summary have corresponded you born to each one. But the context has changed, and only the privileged few can live rent-seeking. The rest, we recommend to let roam holiday party without a euro in his pocket and to give a stroll by metro for see how the real world is.

Stars with high demands

You know, those they give a concert and require that an entire floor of the hotel of mint green paint, there are hundred and fifty white towels in your room, or that in the dressing room two hundred and eighty-three parts organic sushi provided. As given a slap It would be very politically incorrect, we will continue with the ride by metro or, in general, any activity that put them in contact with the poor mortals.


Imagine a work context in which it is normal to arrive at the office with the headphone in ears, ignoring staff, with face of divos and spitting to galore. Because it exists and is called «football stadium». It forgive a little because stardom reaches them at a very young age, but a swim of reality would not come them wrong to remember that those who idolize them not can dream or a tenth of their salaries. And the WAGs, best not to speak.

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Politicians and policies

It’s complicated managing the economy of a country in crisis When living is in an economic environment in which there is no concept. Of course, there are thousands of politicians of base living as ordinary mortals, but the political elites should take a stroll by the real world Once in a while to remember what the difficulties which citizens spend.

Entrepreneurs of the IBEX

No doubt us that the major employers work hard, but most of them live in one bubble of luxury that is very far from the aspirations of ordinary people. Some transit instead of calling to the driver, a coffee in a current bar instead of luxury lounges or any other measure that bring closer them to the reality of the workers and their enterprise customers sure that would be very helpful for all.

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