There Any Key to Be a Little More Happy in Your Work? Experts Say That If

“It is a Tin to the work” said that wonderful philosopher named… and any of us on a daily basis. But, although it seems a chimera, happiness and work should go together hand in hand. Or, at least, we should follow a series of guidelines to make getting up every morning not us very uphill. We have consulted a few studies that give us the keys on What can we do to be a little happier working.

1. do not you compare with others.

It is difficult to do, but you know the saying: comparisons are odious. But the most important thing: If you define your happiness based on each other and their achievements are avoiding to be responsible for the same. And nobody but you should be, right?

First, feel good for what they’ve done, by your achievements and responsibilities, not by the congratulations and the opinions of others.

Second, accepts that You can never alter their opinions about you and what you think also does not have to be true, you never will be neither as good nor as bad as others say, only what you think you are. A healthy self-esteem is key if you want to be happier at work.

2. make everything flow.

M. Csikszentmihalyi, Professor of psychology at the University of Chicago has been studying since the beginning of the 1990s does affect the flow professional activities, that perfect mix that exists when a task represents a challenge and enjoyment at the same time. According to data collected by his team, reach that State in which everything flows freely generates a tremendous personal satisfaction as well as more positive emotions.

Everything flows when We immerse ourselves in an activity that we like and we focus so much in it that time goes by without you realize. According to the psychologist and the results of its investigations, the happiness is the result of development and personal growth and flow allows both experiences.

Flow is a State of total concentration, where we pay one hundred per cent, our creativity grows, we learn more and also live a very positive experience. Here you can see his TED talk on the subject, really inspiring:

3. do not you obsessions for things that are beyond your control.

Happy people are people informed and prepared to react to any circumstance, but also It is people who is not carried by the nerves and is anguish with things that are beyond your control, whether it is a fall of shares globally from your company, such as a tornado that plagues the harvest, or if it is that your boss is taking decisions that are not in agreement. Nothing will serve to overwhelm something that help and that you have no voice or vote.

According to Beth Thomas, author of the book “Powered by Happy: How to Get and Stay Happy at Work” have to centranos on the present because “many of our negative thoughts stem from worrying about situations that might never occur”. I.e., that although it’s great to always have a contingency plan and present the worst scenarios, that can cause stress and leave you without resources that you could benefit from better else.

4 but choose your battles with head start and his feet on the ground.

There are times that it be not worth fighting and injuries can linger, that in no way will make you happy. Emotionally happy people know how important that is to withdraw in time of a battle and prepare to survive to the next. When you are focused on your work, control your emotions and you’re well informed you are able to know where it is worth battling.

In addition, be bad with your companions and entering battle continuously does not benefit you nothing. It is much better to surround yourself with positive people who catch us his good humor. In fact, a study by BMJ Group came to the conclusion that our happiness depends on the happiness of persons with which connect, something that can extend across a large workforce.

5 get sport during the working week.

A study by the University of Bristol came to the interesting conclusion that if we exercise during weekdays we will enjoy a better state of humor, will be more effective in our work and will better harness our time. And is that the fat sweat for at least ten minutes It produces GABA, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in reducing neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system. We will, that prevents us to be impulsive and help to all those people for whom it is difficult to relax or have difficulties in concentrating on one thing. Ultimately, that never gets time exercising, but that investing in more energy and concentration.

6 be faithful to yourself.

Ah, ethics… We have seen it many times in films: that Executive shark working speculating to make lots of money and be very successful, but in the end it is that is not happy. It looks like something out of a fairy tale, but the reality is that being unfaithful to our ethical principles and transgress certain rules to succeed in our work is the direct road to unhappiness. Be unethical at the end will make you regret you have regrets and be unmotivated. If you want to be happy in your work truly you will have to learn to show your disagreement when someone wants you to do something unethical. And when you don’t know what to do, if you are transferring the immoral life line or not, to sit and reflect on your values and writes a list of pros and cons. Yes, as in the films.

According to a study conducted at the University of California by Sonja Lyubomirsky when people feel happy with their ethical principles they tend to be optimistic, energetic and have more self confidence.

7. the most obvious: laugh more and smiles as if there were a tomorrow.

A study by the University of Mannheim in Germany showed that we can alter our emotions by changing our facial expressions: made half of a group of participants to subject a pen with his teeth, something that made them smile. Then they showed the participants a few cartoons and asked them what seemed to them. Which had fastened the pen between the teeth thought they were more fun that that not.

And is that the conclusion that come with this study is that it doesn’t matter how true is your smile, because simply gesture can precede the feeling and provoke him and not necessarily the other way around.

If you are of downturn in work or feel beset by negative thoughts, stop e you try to smile, even if you don’t have reasons. Or go to Youtube and looking for the most absurd video that you can, something that makes you laugh for a few seconds, but that can change your emotional state for the rest of the day.

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