The Workhorse with the Rotary

Tiltable display, original camera control: Nokia’s first series-60 transceiver in the folding design is not for the Office at first glance. We have tested how well 6260 can be work with the.
Smart phones have almost become tradition at Nokia with an original outfit.Unfortunately, the design will often trumps the ergonomics. The 3650 suffers the habituation needy round arrangement of the keypad, the keyboard works clearly also on the 7610.
While the 6260, the Finns on the popular clamshell design and a simple but chic design attempt. Practically: The display can rotate along the longitudinal axis and thus be used as external display. Business users will be addressed with additional PDA capabilities. How does the interaction of extended series-60 facilities and folding design, information on the following pages.

Phone Features: Clean Integrated

Like all series 60 smart phones convinced the 6260 with a good telephone facilities that smoothly blends with the PDA functions.
Profiles, voice dialing, voice control and group functions: The 6260 offers the comfortable phone features of a conventional mobile phone. About 7 MB of integrated memory fails not just huge, but the manufacturer supplies a 32 MB with large RS-MMC (reduced size multi media card). She sits under the battery cover and can be replaced on the fly.
The camera is housed in the device side needs a some getting used to. The handling of the camcorder may be original, it doesn’t bring a genuine advantage. And while, for example, the available for months Nokia 7610 with a mega pixel camera is equipped requires the 6260 with 0.3 mega pixels resolution.Videos with sound and without length limitation, as well as a night mode is commonplace in this price class.
The camera button right on the device is occupied in stand by mode with push-to-talk (PPT). The PPT support represents still no selling point at the moment. As yet, no operator has introduced the new Walkie-Talkie service. T-Mobile wants to introduce push-to-talk, but later in the year.
MP3 mobile phone can not persuade the 6260. The real player while playing alongside videos also MP3 and AAC files. The supplied headset supply delivers but little brilliance and on top of that one-dimensional mono sound. The radio with 20 preset stations, however, plays in stereo. Further facilities offers the 6260 a Java-engine, recordable ringtones, as well as an Instant Messenger.
Data functions
The device has data capabilities, we know from the Nokia Series 60 smartphones. HSCSD and GPRS, Bluetooth and infrared, E-Mail client and Web browser are on board. A USB cable is included according to Nokia.

PDA Functions: Office Documents At A Glance

With the preinstalled programs “Quickword” and “Quick Point”, Nokia wants to lure the business users. What sounds like a Pocket Word processor turns out however as a simple Viewer.
You can change so that such email received word, Excel, or PowerPoint files do not consider – but. That should be enough however many users. The installed PDF Viewer is a trial version, the full version costs extra.
Otherwise, the typical Series-60 facilities offers the 6260.Address book, calendar, task list and notes are compared using the supplied PC Suite with the Outlook or Lotus Notes data on the computer. Whether via Bluetooth or infrared, did comparing both times easily. Via the USB cable it wanted to work but in our Windows XP machines, that’s also the Nokia hotline knew any advice.
On another PDA-facilities, there is a voice recorder, a currency converter and of course the ability to the range of functions with Symbian applications and a VPN client for secure connection to the corporate network to expand. Data entry is one of the weaknesses of the series 60 devices: who traveling dates or contact data will capture, must be with the mobile phone keypad torture off. That is easy to use with large buttons.
If you call only data of the 6260, you can rotate the display outward. Thus the keyboard disappears, the control buttons are still within easy reach below the display and the device is compact in the hand.

Practice: Moderately Successful

When handling the 6260 leaves a mixed impression. The display can be turned outward, the control buttons directly below you to reach all functions even in the folded down to device.
At the expanded 6260 keypad and control buttons are however far apart. Who want to operate the device with one hand, needs access to all the time. Why are the smallest ever menu and press confirmation key, remains a mystery of the Nokia designers. The left softkey and the navigation to the left or right could be greater, space would be available. Otherwise, processing is neat, if not actually high quality.
The device seems not well thought out to the last detail: If you rotate the display, the device automatically activates the camera. This can also happen if you want to use the display as a external display, it folded up and outwards.
The operation succeeded, however,: If you already had a series 60 device in hand, will the 6260 now rightly come with. Otherwise, the principles of the control concept can be learn in the shortest time. Wherever possible, have Nokia default the device. The Internet(??) are the test device Network of four German operators already configured.
The sound was average in the test: the volume enough for noisy environments, the noise kept within limits, the sound could be natural. The integrated handsfree sounds while quäkig, but served its purpose and is also quite noisy.

Bottom Line: Small Blemishes

The 6260 is not quite what it promises: Nokia’s chic Series 60 smartphone shows a few weaknesses in the handling of in everyday life.
The 6260 has the Facilities the usual Series 60 diet with VGA camera plus a few delicacies such as, for example, push-to-talk support. At the PDA functions has bought as new Nokia a viewer for Office documents, and a VPN client.Current devices provide mega pixel cameras (Nokia 7610) and even wireless LAN (T-Mobile MDA III) Meanwhile, the equipment, there is nonetheless put little.
It is a pity that the Handling the impression of clouds: control and digit keys too far apart. The camera on the side of the unit remains a gimmick without real benefits. After all: Who do without the keypad, has the ability to rotate the display together with the control buttons and to keep a compact device in hands.
Who fell in the chic look, may safely be accessed. We could not find real serious deficiencies and good equipment and the truly moderate price of 430 euros make up about minor deficiencies in the handling.