The Womens Wear Spring Summer 2016 Color

The 2016 summer is getting closer. There is still a little time, yes, but the trends for summer, pieces of clothing and the colors have been announced in major national and international fashion shows.
Here are gathered the information, including the best known national parade of all of us, the São Paulo Fashion Week .
What kind of woman are you? What gets to learn about the fashion pieces and starts running to buy at the last minute, or you’re here because it seeks information in advance to have time to pick up the pieces quietly?
With more time to find the pieces that are fashionable, connect the trends is the best way not to buy disharmonious parts to the season or time.
On the last day of Sao Paulo Fashion Week the focus was the balance of the 2016 summer trends. The list of options was great. And that’s good! There will be a plethora of options for all types of bodies, for those who prefer light colors and for those who prefer the dark, the most striking models and more discreet. Finally, a plethora of options to choose the one that fits your lifestyle and personality, the shape of your body and your preferences.

Colors of Summer Fashion 2016

It has colors in the summer of 2015 to everyone.
First white. Very white, pastel colors, raw and also some brown. In pastel shades can find salmon, blue and yellow.
In dresses this season white prevails pure or with prints and also varying with black and brown. The same goes for the clothes with many textures (yes, many) and 3D applications – white.
It is also the basis or brown is very appeared. Even in overlapping white is not exaggerated this trend.
With white lace can be mixed with black and yellow alone is a strong color in this dispute.
The blank (which can also be combined with other black parts) was also seen in shorts, trousers and also in medicinelearners. The clochard is new because it is also present in beachwear.
The colors were also seen in contrasts, the opaque body dresses and transparent skirt were white and black again.
Although there may be many different colors and some appeared more prevalent than others, white is the 2016 year of the wild card color If you are in doubt about which one to use color, use that has no error, will not go out of fashion trends .

Spring-Summer 2016

Do not just talk only isolating the summer when we really listen to the spring-summer term.
The climate in different parts of the world may be cold, but already has many people wondering what clothes to use in the warmer seasons of 2016. In addition to the clothes one of the concerns is about the colors.
If you anticipate you are the best choice to buy cheap. Want to know why? Already tuned on the main pieces and colors for the next year in the settlements you already ensures thinking ahead and choosing the pieces that will be trend long before everyone long before raising prices!
To prepare your wardrobe for the season a tip is to be attentive to what the parades in New York and London brought: betting on the seabed. Just as some big names here in Brazil also brought the prints and colors for the summer will be inspired in himself. Blue and sequins were very quoted. Will not only be featured in forms, details also follow the same trend.
Among prints and colors in themselves realize that the summer 2016 will be easy for those who live in Brazil. The prints with characteristic shapes of our land and made by tenants of Ceará will leave it simple. If it is no longer difficult to find bright colors and prints of palm trees and marine elements, for example, will now be even easier. To choose the colors of summer, just answer what colors do you see in the summer. And in addition to the response, the predominant color is white.