The Sweatshirt Marco Ferrero with La Resistance

During the fashion week, around Milan, you may encounter the new “style setters” of worship at this moment: Marco Ferrero. Which together with the friends of La Resisitence has created a limited edition high rate of hip hop!
If you’ve unleashed at night to party most exclusive Fashion Week, do not believe that you can laze the day. The parade procession, the mission is to be present on location and create your own unique look that will make you notice. You could be immortalized by the objective of the team Marco Ferrero and become the star of the day of his seguitissimo fashion and lifestyle blog.
Blogger, cool hunter and designers, the new The Sartorialist Italian will incursion into fashion shows and happenings with the project Shooting Diary , produced in collaboration with photographers Nima Benati, name of the cult of models and fashion blogger, Giulia Boldrini and friends / models Giacomo and Elena.
Every day, Mark and his team will post on blogs and social Instagram, Twitter and on his page Facebook, the fashion week “view from them”, bringing moments, events, moments and coolest stars of the fashion week … do not miss out to be among them!
The last shot of Mark’s head is a handmade sweater limited edition , made ​​in collaboration with the brand La Resistance. Unisex and multitasking, will allow you to create many different looks, changing the pairings. Try it in version bling bling evening, bringing a sparkling sheath dress and with breathtaking stiletto! It is the right piece for running from one event to another without losing a shred of appeal!