The Shorts Are Dangerous For Health!

After being labeled as too bold clothing, shorts facing yet another controversy: they are very dangerous for women’s health.
Since a couple of years shorts, denim is the most loved by women during the summer. This mania, however, reflected the physical not perfect, is the excess fat, cellulite is .
If the shorts in question are also tight, affecting the flow. 
The alarm was launched by the dermatologist Riccarda Serri, president of ezinesports, the ecodermatologia international association, after attending requests for plastic surgery in order to be able to wear shorts without problems.
“Cellulite has always been there, even among the very young. The problem is that today many girls would like to get rid of it by waving a magic wand. But the fight this imperfection must begin with regular exercise, even just 15 minutes a day, and a targeted diet. Then there are treatments . But the problem is not solved in one night ” The expert said that many girls require a miracle pill to clear the imperfection problem of orange peel, especially during the summer months” But this is impossible: rather we must teach young people to eat better, avoid the overdose of convenience foods and many processed, dairy, sugar, preservatives. To operate the metabolism must avoid a sedentary lifestyle and treat the elasticity of cell membranes, consuming extra virgin olive oil. In addition, it should limit alcohol:today’s young people begin too early, even at age 14, when their bodies are not yet ready” .
To get rid of excess pounds and cellulite young Italian are willing to contact your surgeon: There are others who do not pose the slightest problem. Just walk downtown to see imperfections performed almost proudly. It is the effect of certain fashions, a bit ‘sadistic’, which also capture those who would hardly be beneficial to certain leaders!”