The Secrets To Choose Jewelry

You may have noticed that in summer there is jewelry that do not expose at least one gem in Raspberry. Has always been considered the stone cult of summer, Although in some particular nuance of color you can safely use even in winter.
In Taormina the showcases are full of coral strands and also very original creations.This past weekend I was in Cilento and even there no shortage of jewelry with the coral of Torre del Greco, one of the most famous of this stone.
I reported an interesting view on coral in Sicily but to satisfy the curiosity of Super-Alive and as she undergoes the charm of this wonderful stone, here I talk about it some more. With great pleasure, mind you.
The coral and its ancient history
The coral is one of humanity’s oldest gemstones. Do you think it was used as an adornment since prehistoric times and were found coral jewelry in Celtic tombs dating from the iron age.
Greeks and Romans went bonkers and millennia even the fashion world remained haunted by its hue. The coral, with variations ranging from red to Orange, is one of the stones by trend forsummer. The runways we saw it matched in the most extravagant.
The peculiarities of the coral
Perhaps not everyone knows that the coral is a real magic of nature: it is an organic substance that brings together forms and characteristics of the mineralKingdom,vegetable and animal.
The coral is also called tree of the sea because it is nothing but a calcareous skeleton of small marine polyps that live in colonies in the warm waters.
Coral colors range from white to pale pink-c.d. Angel skin- until you get to dark red and black. The dark red is the most valuable variety, also known as moro.
In our Mediterranean Sea lies the Red coral, light shades in the southern Mediterranean and dark red in Sardinia and a few places in the Mediterranean. One of the places where there is a long tradition in fishing and processing of coral is Sciacca, Sicily.
The coral is a gem because it is now quite difficult to find because of water pollution, which makes it difficult for the natural process of formation. But not only: coral fishing is carried out by experienced and qualified a few fishermen. You have to think that a good coral the is 90/120 meters deep in the sea. In Sardinia, for example, you can collect only the coral branches that have fallen naturally.
A curiosity: the coral is considered a precious amulet and is one of the gifts for new moms !
How to choose jewelry with raspberry
The rarity of the coral on the market makes it a stone, dear and you have to be careful who gives great bargains at rock bottom prices!
For a secure purchase always suggest to consult a trusted jeweler, especially if you want to buy a jewel.
In jewelry you can find coral in different processes: cylinders, spheres, spheres and barrels. Its delicate texture allows you to hack it and use it for small sculptures, in which case its value is increased. With the coral can also create truly amazing artwork.
One of the classic subjects for this stone is the Horn for good luck. But it is much used for earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces.
The coral is traditionally fitted with yellow gold and you can find it in simple versions, or fancy jewelry combined with other colored stones.
Fitted with the white gold is undoubtedly chicif then there are also brilliant you’re done!
For those who love folk jewelry, coral in their natural state, so-called Gypsy, alternated with elements in silver is a very easy and a must for fans of the genre.
For the winter version of the coral, best to focus on the lighter shades such as pale pink. Angel skincoral, especially in shades from Japan, Boke is a rock of a timeless elegance seasons. Mounted onGold white and maybe paired with Blue sapphires and diamonds leaves you breathless. Believe me, it’s a timeless jewel!
If you are looking for a gem of a brand name rather than a handmade product, there are many maison using coral, by Van Cleef & Arpels in Chantecler the list is long.
The faux coral
Beware: it is often passed off as natural bamboo coral-coral, which is a marine plant (coralloide) white/grey coloured red with chemicals. Its commercial value is negligible compared to the real coral and in addition the substances used to color these products are harmful!
You can imitate the coral through the vegetable ivory, colouring in an artificial way. As always, only a trained eye can spot the difference.
How to protect coral jewelry
The coral is a gentle stone, so be very careful to avoid solvents, soaps, cosmetics, perfume and Hairspray if you do not want the color will alter.
To protect coral jewelry follow my tips , simple but effective ! You can Polish it with almond oil.
One last curiosity: remember the Greek mythological creature Medusa, who had the ability to give your gaze? Legend has it that when Perseus the beheaded, his blood in contact with the foam waves petrified some algae and make them red. Thus was born the Red coral!