The Return of Nokia to Mobile Phones Would Be Big with The Nokia C9

It is possible that the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft was one of the saddest moments reminding fans to mobile telephony. Not by the purchase itself and the loss of independence of the Finns but because It sensed the end of the tunnel, a tunnel that ended with Microsoft Untangling brand and absorbing the Lumia.
Nokia had tried to resist to this end, we must not forget that along the way I tried it with Maemo and Meego, this last converted in Sailfish after a split in the team of developers. Already with Microsoft at the wheel, there was a timid attempt to equip Android with the Nokia X and finally it seems that, now completely free, they will return to try with Nokia C9 despite denied it at the time.

Nokia C9 may be a powerful commitment

Let us remember that Nokia already ventured with Android with Nokia C1 and Nokia N1, a mobile phone and a tablet with Android and pretty good looking but were far from Europe and came to be seen as an experiment. Now, with the contract which prevented him from moving market and make competition to the own extinct Microsoft, would come its first terminal.
Nokia C9 has left to see in filtration features that invite you to hope. We would be talking about a smartphone with metal body and a price that would be around 400 euros. Something that may be perceived as high if we do not take into account components that are already associated this C9 that would recover a historic Finnish brand name.

  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 2, 65 GHz
  • 5 inch screen
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage
  • 21-megapixel back camera
  • 8-megapixel front camera
  • 6.0 Android Marshmallow

As we see, it seems that only the RAM would separate this Nokia C9 of the most important releases in what year, and that we have without taking into account that even know many details as to who is responsible, and therefore its quality, the camera or what type of connectivity we offer. We do not know If it will be a mobile international or will again stay in China.
Meanwhile, us only remains to wait to continue knowing more information about This Nokia C9 that has already aroused our attention and that it has crept among the novelties of the year, subtracting a little attention 10 HTC and Huawei P9, yet to be present but with almost all of your information revealed.