The Prints of Gisele Panday: Wholesale and Retail!

Ouch, Ouch! I love going after news warm for you! So this time I went there to meet close to Golden store of designer Gisele Panday, who just released their summer collection 2015, which is stunning!
I am meeting creative and entrepreneurial women like Gisele. Her brand is amazing, the best part no doubt are the tropical prints, and super happy that she creates. A lot of color and high spirits! I loved it!! This summer, flowers, birds and butterflies dominate the macaws of the stylist are beautiful prints, with Brazil and the Brazilian’s face!
Another thing I just love the fabrics. The brand Gisele Panday works with high quality, so much so that their tissues are provided by weaving Santa Constancy, which was founded and is now managed by the Pope of fashion Costanza Pascolato. The flagship of the looks of Gisele is Fluity tissue, which is a superfine mesh, with a lot of fluidity, elasticity and extremely soft touch and still no knead, perfect for taking in the trunk for the next trip!
The looks of Gisele are all produced by, she plans to the collection, the patterns, chooses the fabrics, draws the looks and mounts the combinations. All very exclusive, we hardly find someone walking around with the same clothes. Who has the store and want to work with the pieces of Gisele, can celebrate, because she sells at wholesale and retail.
Take a peek in the flashes we did there, and in the details of the launch of the summer collection!