Pin-up Girls: 40s and 50s

Although the style pin-up girl associate it with a style of the 40s and 50s, the reality is that the term refers to “calendar girls” whose images are mass produced and can see “glued” to a wall, either parking lots, car repair centers, hardware stores, to the rooms of teenage boys. Therefore, we can say that the term pin-up girl does not refer exclusively to images of voluptuous women who were in’re decades, but any model whose provocative image has reached the masses through posters , calendars, postcards or magazine covers.
The term pin-up, which in English means literally hang with a pin or tack, originated in the 40s, although the practice dates back to at least 1890.

Pin-up Girls 40s and 50s

Rather than seen as women who broke rules, pin-up girls were literally objects that fed the imagination and fantasies of hundreds of thousands of men who possessed paper decorating their walls.
During World War II pin-ups were not only models of flesh and bone wasting photographed sensuality, but also suggestive drawings of imaginary women dressed in military uniforms sold in the form of magazines that were sent to American troops.
Although the pin-up exuded sensuality, he was not seen as a prostitute, but as patriotic good luck charms.
Some of the most famous were known as “Varga Girls”, created by one of the most famous painters of pin-up models, the Peruvian Joaquin Alberto Vargas and Chavez. His paintings were adapted to decorate the fuselage of many aircraft of World War II.
After the war, Christian Dior introduced its “new look”. War restrictions on luxury items like socks were lifted and underwear went from one piece to two: the brassiere and girdle. The society had already evolved from Flappers sported an androgynous style that a woman who showed many more curves and skin.
The marketing was beginning to see the beginning of the very pin-up girls that were also used to sell products.

Although he gained fame late in the 50s, Bettie Page is perhaps the most remembered of the pin-up girls, and therefore the most imitated today. Her modeling career lasted only seven years, but after his retirement from modeling their images in the public domain have continued to be used for different purposes.

To achieve the look of pin-up girl there are several things you should consider:

  1. This is to show off your curves and female figures, not to hide them.The pin-up girls were sensually voluptuous women who showed their charms. Such as wearing retro style ties that are skinny designer version.
  2. Glamour, glamor.If anything emphasize the pin-up girls is a waste of glamor. It is looking good at all times, as a whole diva.
  3. Makeup.

One way to recreate the glamour makeup of the pin-up girls is to keep everything in matte and tone rather pale face. Eyebrows should go darker with the help of a coffee powder or pencil. Shadows should accentuate the look, but never reach the smokey eye, and lips should definitely go on a red hue and cheeks with a pink blush that gives a healthy appearance.

  1. Hair. Hairstyles to the pin-up girl are highly structured and volume is achieved with good tongs or tubes to accommodate the hair. With the help of hairspray you can accommodate the curls in place.

It is not to look like something out of a schedule of 40 or 50, but you can recreate and adapt to modern times the look of the pin-up girl. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Amy Winehouse or Dita Von Teese have managed to do without losing its contemporary personality.
Start using only some vintage or retro touches, as they can be printed from yesteryear. Opt for pants and skirts with high waist.
The tops should be low cut and suggest your charms without showing too much. The halter style was one widely used by pin-up girls.