The PC Loses to Tablets and Smartphones

Smartphones and tablets are taking market share from the classic PC, where sales for the sixth quarter in a row continue to fall.

The classic computer or PC, losing major market share to tablets and smartphones. For the sixth quarter in a row is PC sales once again plummeted, it shows the new figures from the IT House Gartner Group analysis.

The declining global sales of PCs and Macs does not seem to stop for the time being. In the third quarter of this year decreased the global PC sales to 80.3 million Bill, which is seven million less than the same quarter last year and a decrease in percent at 8.3. It writes our site.

Despite the falling sales as going forward, these are three producers Lenovo, HP and Dell. Worst of all, it looks for Acer, which goes all 22.6 percent back. Apple also goes back on the U.S. market with 2.3 percent.

However, it is not only the hardware manufacturers that marks decline software manufacturer Microsoft also is affected by the sluggish PC sales.

Gartner believes that it is tablets and smartphones, which are to blame for the drop in PC sales, because many partially or completely replaces the PC with these devices.

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