The Most Downloaded Torrent of 2013 is Nothing Illegal

BitTorrent released a report talking of the most downloaded files via torrent in 2013, specifically the BitTorrent Bundle, website initiative that encourages and supports artists to publish their own content and be remunerated, not necessarily financially, without intermediaries.

The absolute champion of downloads this year is on the list, which makes the most downloaded torrent of 2013 is not a pirated product.
It is the CD Innocents of Moby, with impressive 8.9 million downloads. By comparison, the most downloaded series, Game Of Thrones, had 5.9 million.
In the report, is extolled as the torrent is the culture of the future distribution mode – or should I say this? With the internet, it has changed since the business model to the measurement of success of something. The viralization is more closely linked with the success of that specialized criticism, for example, and the myth that downloading content for free makes people do not spend money on it is getting weaker.
Even the Innocents is one of the evidence of this: 130,000 people, after hearing the album, bought on iTunes – yes, it’s a very low portion in relation to everyone who downloaded, but it is still a very high number. 490,000 also signed up for the mailing of Moby, or receive news regularly DJ and can monitor and help publicize its work.
Although the most downloaded Bundles list has many famous names, one of which deserves mention is the second place, the Epic Meal Time, which was born as a raw cooking channel on YouTube. In BitTorrent Bundle, we had 8.6 million downloads.
BitTorrent Bundle started in 2013 in closed alpha. It is a multimedia initiative that unites the digital content and the form of payment (which may be joining a mailing) in one download. The first part was a record of backstage tour DJ Kaskade, to promote the release of his documentary in May; We had 4 million downloads.
In addition to “talk” directly with the fans, another advantage of independent distribution mode is circumventing censorship. Thus the documentary The Act Of Killingachieved an audience of 2.3 million people worldwide (before, only 45,000 people had seen). It shows Indonesia’s former gang leaders reenacting their murders as if they were a Hollywood movie.
For this year, BitTorrent plans to increase its support to artists, with integrated payment tools analysis of traffic and other news.