The Keys to The Apple in Ireland Tax Rebate Would What Has Led to This Situation and How Is Going to Solve? [Updated with Official Release]

Update: Apple has issued an official statement from their website, which you can read here in Spanish.
Even 24 hours have passed since has come to light more than two years research that has been doing the European Commission about Apple and Ireland. The European Commission has accused Apple and Ireland have a favourable for the company in terms of tax treatment in the country. Well, it seems that at the end the sanction will be 13,000 million euros for Apple for everything what has defaulted since 2003.
Margrethe Vestager Commissioner is responsible for the European competition policy. According to herself, the Member States of the European Union cannot be granted exclusive tax advantages specific companies. This being an illegal measure and that it contradicts the norams of State aid in the European Union, Apple should be sanctioned..

Irish tax rulings to Apple are illegal state aid. Effective taxation as low as 0.005 pct. #Apple have to repay up to €13 billion unpaid tax.

— Margrethe Vestager (@vestager) August 30, 2016

Data from the sanction to Apple by the agreement with Ireland

These are some of the most interesting points of the sanction It has received Apple. To put everything in context and understand the situation should take into account the following:

  • The European Commission is asking Ireland recover money, not fined as Apple. I.e., it is not to impose a fine on the company for not paying these taxes, but simply to pay what you owe. As everything is under the umbrella of State aid, fines are not considered as such. The result is still the same.
  • The two tax ruling used by Ireland & Apple have allowed the company pay between 1% of taxes in 2003 up to 0.005% in 2014. A negligible rate in comparison with other companies, and especially with other countries.
  • The tax ruling It is still illegal since 1991, but Europe cannot ask both Ireland & Apple.
  • ES the largest amount that has to make up the EC in its history. So far, the greatest of all was 1,400 to a French company.
  • Who can use the sanction is Ireland (which is the own beneficiary of that money) and will do so. Since if it charges those 13,000 will recognize that the tax ruling applied are illegal, and has them with other companies also.
  • The 13,000 million euros which should Apple right now they represent approximately 5% of Apple stocks.

An unfair sentence according to Apple

Little has taken the Apple executive team in responding to accusations from the European Commission and the submissible sentence. According to them, the sentence is unjust and in no time they have broken the laws of Ireland.
The European Commission has made an effort to rewrite the history of Apple in Europe, ignoring the laws of Ireland rates and putting the international rules in the process. The case of the Commission is not about how much Apple pay in taxes, is about how the Government gets the money. This will have a profound impact on our efforts to create employment in Europe.
Apple meets the laws and pays all taxes at all sites where it is operating. We will appeal and we have confidence that the decision will be redefined.