The History Of Makeup In The 50s

When one thinks of the colorful make up in the 50s, then a now famous women such as Grace Kelly, Sophia Loreen, Audrey Hepburn, and a host of other Hollywood stars invade, which have perfected their make up and used as its very own trademark.These women of the rockin’ 50s were and are featured not only victims, but also popular beauty icons for several generations of women around the world. Their seductive make up looks defined the 1950s, which were no doubt the age of glamour! Holy sanctuaries for all the glamorous ladies of the world were beauty salons and powder rooms. Today we want to give you a little insight into the wonderful world of make-up in the 50s.

Popular Make Up Colors In The 50s

This decade was determined by delicate pastel colors: pink, tender green, blue or yellow were the absolute trend colours in the 1950s. If there was a color that best represented the 50 s, ask4beauty would mention the color pink, which often has been used in the make up such as poppy lipstick, as well as in cute prom fashion. The Hollywood diva Audrey Hepburn way, once said “I believe in pink”, so that they “the color pink loved”. Also very popular, peachy tones as a tender cheek Rouge and the color white as a highlighter or make up were base. In the 1940s was flaming red is still the favored color of lipstick in the early 50s the ladies tended years then tend to pink, purple or orange red, to her lips skillfully to beautify and emphasize. There were a number of extremely popular beauty Advisor which published color tables for the fashion-loving women at that time. There, every lady in the blink of an eye could find numerous suggestions for the best make up for her skin tone and hair color and after make-up the make-up with the help of instructions. This Advisor also contained also tips on what time of day and what look you should wear which make up. The more discreet day makeup could so quickly be transformed into a glamorous evening make-up to the kessen Cocktailkleidchen for the dance.

Noble Pallor As The Beauty Ideal

In the 1950s, the noble pallor was considered absolute ideal of beauty. In conjunction with pastel shades of powder, pale skin was considered chic and fashionable top news. Tanned skin was not asked in the 50s and each lady tried to protect their skin it went so well with sunscreen with a high sun protection factor or parasols and large Sonnenhüten front of the frumpy Tan. Luxury brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, and Max Factor promoted so that their light Foundation constituted the most important accessory in every handbag of a true Fashionista of the 50s. In the 1940s, discreet powder was the only beauty product could afford a woman or what was offered in the trade to the beauty care. In the 1950s, the ladies began every day base to cream her face with a makeup, which one could compare with a blank canvas. Then the face was embellished with all kinds of make up products and lipstick, Rouge and eyeliner were artfully deployed.

First Kussfeste Of The 50 S Of Hazel Bishop Lipstick

In the 1950s it became a habit to retighten the natural line of the lips with a beautiful lip liner, because this seem feminine to the ideal of beauty in this decade a woman read and the lips were given more volume. The most popular colours for the lips of kessen wearers of petticoat were red or pink. Orange red has been proposed for Blondes, redheads or Brunettes. Black-haired ladies should best violet shimmering lipstick access. A survey in 1951 found out that more than two-thirds of women now regularly wore lipstick. The next goal of the make up industry of the 50s was a long-lasting and kussfester lipstick which glamorous kissable lips conjured up all day about the ladies. The company Hazel Bishop produced the first kussfesten lipstick in 1950. With the slogan “It stays on YOU, not on HIM”, so “he not stay on them, to him” promoted Hazel Bishop for his long-lasting and kussfesten lipstick, which was an absolute must-have for any of the trendy 50s ladies handbag. This lipstick has been so successful that the previously small company Hazel Bishop quickly grew into the Hazel Bishop Inc.. In 1950, Hazel Bishop sold lipsticks for about 49 527 U.S. dollars. Already in 1953, the annual sales on proud 10 100 682 U.S. dollars grew and kussfeste lipstick of the company became a popular hit.

The Eye Makeup And Blush In The 50s

The look of the eye make ups in the 1950s was rather minimalist, because the focus was on the gaudy kissable lips. You used a little discreet eyeshadow and a little mascara, to put the eyelashes in scene. An eyeliner on the upper eyelids conjured up sexy cat eyes and was more suitable for the make up in the evening for your next cocktail party. For the everyday look, the women of the 50s withdrew a discreet eyeliner on the upper eyelids, intended to visually enlarge the eyes and make the rays. Many ladies use their Rouge for a fresh kick above her eyebrows. You told like a Rouge brush Roséfarbenes and pastel-Rouge, to Sweet Apple cheeks to make-up and his make up skillfully to complete. The 50s were undoubtedly the Decade in which women consciously glamorously smeared and were perfectly styled for every situation and melted.