The Hair Golden Globes Showcase Fashion

The red carpet is brought into fashion trends, hairstyles and makeup … The first event glam was the Golden Globes. Chic styles, baby! Choose your favorite!
The hairstyle champion of the Golden Globe was certainly the coke. This hairstyle is suitable for any formal event. Who is in doubt about which hairstyle use, choose Coke. Let any stylish woman. Hairstyle never falls out of fashion.
Coke is the type of hairstyle especially interesting for damp days, wires get frizz. Any hair gets frizzy in that kind of time. There’s no way. If you have a party, wedding, graduation, give him the coke!
Angelina Jolie appeared with a Coke with your hair all the way back, with the oddly tying up. Absolute success! Super distinct, beautiful and sexy!
The other kind of coke that’s been in vogue in this red carpet was the coke with the hair side. Romantic style is also popular like messy, classic tidy. This type of hairstyle reigned in an absolute way. I like coke in every way!
Free, light and loose hair is always presented in this type of award. But, note that never smooth, strained and “wasted”. Rocking and wavy hair made the party at the Golden Globes and the wavy babyliss too!
The coke is always chic.
These beautiful hair and chic serve as inspiration for those who have to attend any event “baph”.
Note the makeup of the girls, who have too much eyeliner and the mouth with lipstick matte, pink, nude. The exception is Angelina Jolie, who also rocked with the combination with kitten eyes eyeliner and red mouth.
They are all really beautiful!