The Etiquette Dell'Abbinamento Shirt Cardigan: 4 Combinations

The Cardigans is a classic piece of wardrobe, which offers an incredible opportunity to outfit, especially for the matching cardigans and shirt.
The cardigan as described in stylish clothes is well suited to be used in different ways: under a jacket or alone, and that is why it is much more functional than other clothing. Has. In addition. the great advantage that it can be worn almost all year: spring, fall and winter.
The shirt is a head must in a man’s wardrobe, they come in a variety of patterns and fabrics and this makes her a garment for every occasion, from the most formal to the most sought after. The first assessment to do when choosing a shirt color. The color is white, but blue is widely used. Very fashionable patterned shirts, especially in stripes and checks, for a more relaxed look. Whatever your shirt, remember to bring it strictly inside the pants.
The cardigan is a leader of men’s fashion warm and practical. Let’s see how to pair it with the shirt in 4 combinations by style:

  • oAbbinando cardigan in a denim shirt, you will get a perfect sporty style, but with a touch of class;
  • oShabby chic. Combined with the cardigan in a Plaid Shirt and a bow tie: this is the perfect outfit for a shabby chic style;
  • oCasual with class. The cardigan can also be worn as a jacket for a casual chic that also includes a classic shirt;
  • or’ 50s classic. Choose a cardigan with a few buttons, to fear buttoned. Match it to a solid shirt and a tie. The perfect solution for leisure of the gentleman.

When you have chosen the solution of matching cardigans and shirt that best reflects your style, find out other proposals of style in our store.