The Emulator of The Neo Geo Pocket Color Comes to Android Market

Now we can play on our Android some of the jewels that left us the last laptop Neo Geo. Emulators for Android, Robert Broglia, developer has just launched an emulator for the Neo Geo Pocket Color in the official Android store priced at 3.20 pounds, some 3.71 euros to change.
In NGP.emu we can relive the best moments that we leave the best laptop Neo Geo, which did not succeed in the market but which left us great titles such as SNK vs. CAPCOM, Metal Slug 2ndMission, Sonic Pocket Adventure or King of Fighters R2 among others.
The emulator offers us the possibility to save the State of the game, choose the orientation of the screen, play with the touch screen, with the physical keyboard if available, with the iControlPad mobile or with or without the Classic Controller WiiMote.