The Design of a New HP Tablet Is Filtered

The Evleaks Twitter account remains committed to provide us with information from leading technology companies before they themselves give data and this time touched him to HP. The rumors were around a month ago by what behind the image that today we have seen could confirm that HP is in the process of bringing to light new Android tablet.
Once we see the photograph what most draws our attention in a way remarkable is the size of frames in relation to the screen. This detail is a negative for Hewlett-Packard point now that it seemed that managers of design technology companies were concerned about take advantage of everything the front of their devices with the importance of this aspect.
Without going into assessments on whether it is nice or not for the view, at the back we find the Chamber located at the top left without flash, four visible screws at each corner and a speaker at the bottom. It draws our attention the physical difference between this and the “phablets” recently presented by brand.
Two possible reasons to try to argue the size of frames occur to us, one can be that the sale price will be sufficiently low to sell despite this detail while the other option may be that the autonomy see increased significantly to have more space for Assembly. Whatever the reason HP could have tried to put them to use, like for example put in them the existing speaker or even the incorporation of other more for a better listening experience.