The Code Source of Ice Cream Sandwich Is Here

Interestingly yesterday when we talked about that Notion Ink had predicted that the release of the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich would be October 17 a few minutes Google published to the delight of all developers and users. That’s right, Ice Cream Sandwich is on the street and this opens, now, a new stage for Android.
Little by little the new version of the operating system will be coming to devices either formally as unofficial. If you are curious and want to Download the source code to mess with it, we explain how to download it. The process is simple, albeit somewhat different for those who are not familiar with Repo.
The first thing we have to do is install and configure Repo on our team. Once we have it installed, run the following command:
$ repo init – u – b android-4.0. 1_r1
Done this will begin the download of the source code. The process is slow and it will take a while since previous versions are also included as a Honeycomb. Although Jean Baptiste Queru recommends we work better on Ice Cream Sandwich tablets also.