The Cancelled McLaren Is Seen in a New Image, Was The Successor of The Nokia Lumia 1020

The magic of cameras Nokia It seems it was paused in the creation of the 1020 Lumia, all a wonder in megapixel and technology specialists, charmed and it might well have had a successor. I understand that it was not a phone for everyone, but it was as close to a compact camera and a phone, with guarantees.
“In the maelstrom prompted the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft were lost many things, one of them is that prototype”McLaren”that should be the worthy successor to the 1020. We like to remember that this project existed, and we show you a promotional image of the product. It must have been close to be marketed.
The image can be seen with a Windows Phone obviously old, making the contrast between grey and green
Again, it is the ‘official’ filtering of the network, evleaks, which teaches its appearance. An attractive double grey tone on a flat surface in which the absolute protagonist is module of the circular Chamber and large proportions – is the logo of ZEISS and Pureview -, as in the 1020.
While both Microsoft is more concerned in maintaining the quality of the cameras in their high-end developments, there you have what is able to do in the new 950 Lumia PureView and 950XL.