The Bia and the Challenge of Makeup

That wonderful moment came when I week and the Bia met virtually to pay some mico together! Êeeeeee! If you do not have accompanied this wonderful media, we will tell you (in video that’s easier):
This challenge, we’ve already inked, he fought muay thai, Bia mistook tomato with green pepper and I showed all my good taste during adolescence.
I confess, today’s challenge was not of the most terrifying, but for me it was very challenging. The Bia, which is super turned on in parades and fashion weeks, challenged me to replicate the makeup of Diane von Furstenberg’s show. Indeed, when she showed me the pictures, I fell in love. Everything in a kind of Mermaid of 70 years, something beautiful.
However … Oh! However … I’m not the most skilled with makeup. Who accompanies me here and in other social networks know that I pretty much wear the same makeup for everything. From time to time include a kitten eye (which I’m professional in making), sometimes a colorful lipstick. And not far beyond that.
I would love to do more than that and do makes bolder and originals. But the truth is I am pretty bad when it comes to applying makeup. Especially shadows. I always think miro on the look and finish in smudges look panda. For these and others that I end up getting a little more on the basics and, I confess, I was pretty scared of the challenge proposed by the Bia. But, as we said from the beginning, this doesn’t have that. Challenged is challenge. So let’s see what gave it there:
And it’s not that I was pretty happy with the result? I loved, I found myself Mermaid, hot and extremely powerful. Never, in 100,000 years, I would have thought it would have ability to do a make beautiful like that. For you have an idea, I love it so much, I already replied here in SanFran on at least two occasions, one of them even to pay for a bank account. Brinqs! Went to fancy event right.
I hope you enjoyed and which, even test their versions at home (or come up with some cool ones). I think one of the things that helped me was having the reference photo on the side, to look at and get inspired. Found it easier to than watch tutorial videos because the photo allowed I was discovering the way I do, you know? OK, it seems crazy, but it worked for me.
That’s it, folks. I think I’m taking taste in makeup. Maybe comes a new program on channel talking only about that. Mystery… Await.