The Best Sweater for Each Physical Type

They are a delight to wear, warm and stylish. The sweaters have returned to the fashion scene this winter 2015 and promise to warm the most varied looks, after just looking at them already gives that feeling of coziness.
They are a delight to wear, warm and stylish. Here at AgoodDir, the sweaters have returned to the fashion scene this winter 2015 and promise to warm the most varied looks, after just looking at them already gives that feeling of coziness.Nothing is better than investing in sweaters of all colors and leaving them ready for use in jeans, social or tailoring, when the idea is to make a good impression in a more formal way.But the truth is that they are not all the same, you must have realized – and the effect it will have on your look has everything to do with your physical type.

How to choose the best sweater

Dressing well is a true step-by-step and goes well beyond the trio-shirt-and-shoe.Dressing well is an exercise that seems to start when you open the closet door and think, with some seriousness, what you will wear that day, but in reality the beginning is in the recognition of your own body: broad or narrow shoulders, belly , thick arms, long trunk or short silhouette, little hands, long neck or not.From there it is much easier to combine the right pieces with your physical type and achieve the best result without much effort or loss of time.
In time, only a very basic regret that fit any model: never, but never even, put a sweater into the pants – neither he nor anything with a collar.

With “V” collar

This is the classic sweater, the one that looks good on just about everyone and the reason is simple: this type of collar elongates the silhouette.So if you are short, enjoy and fill your closet with models like this, preferably plain colors, which contribute even more to the unit, since the print tends to divide the body in two.But if you are tall and have your body in shape you can even choose a model more just the body that is a charm.Use with flat t-shirts underneath, preferably in contrasting color and collar close to the neck, very basic.If you want to give a more formal look, bet on the social shirt with a tie.

With turtleneck

The turtleneck sweater is one of the strengths of this winter, but it should pay close attention to who has long neck, because it draws even more attention to that part of the body.Likewise, those who almost have no neck should also avoid it because the collar will give the feeling that it is swallowing the chin.Those who are overweight should also avoid the turtleneck.They look great with blazers and jackets, giving a casual enough cool air.

Round Collar

Absolutely without contraindications, consume without fear of making mistakes.This piece looks great on social shirts, with the collar appearing discreetly.Regardless of height or if you are overweight, this is the type of sweater that you can buy as many as you want, plain or printed, and wear both jeans and trousers.They look good at any age – just avoid very strong colors if you are very overweight, preferring more neutral tones.


The retro style is already a classic, but this season it is particularly high.For those who do not know, the cardigan sweater is one that looks like a lightweight vest with a V-neck and front buttoning.The casual look looks more beautiful in plain colors, and is especially suitable for those who have that beer belly, which is well disguised.


Since Kurt Cobain turned the striped sweater into a grunge icon in the 90s he has never gone out of style.And as winter 2015 brings precisely that decade as one of its main inspirations the look could not be more current.But the horizontal stripes amplify the feeling of width, so it should avoid you who is overweight or has a belly.The look looks very casual, but the length should end just after the waist, meaning nothing sweater very long.

Knitted work

Those embossed sweaters resemble those of old-time grandma’s hand-made, giving you that hot, hot feeling.They can use all physical types, including shorts, without fear.


These are usually made of woolen knit and look great on mainly smooth and neutral colors, right play for those who are overweight, as they do not make too much volume.Put them on social shirts or T-shirts and walk well from the office to the movies, from the meeting to the beach walk in the late afternoon.The earthy tones are always an appropriate choice, helping to reduce the volume of the trunk and favoring the smallest.


The colored prints are also on the rise, but care must be taken not to overdo it, especially men with smaller stature.The trend is to blend prints, so you can use patterned scarves too, but then the tip is to choose patterns that have at least one color in common.At the bottom, opt instead for neutral tones or jeans, and remember that the more colorful the more informal the look will look.
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