The Best Fishnet Tights

The fishnet tights have not said their last word and come back in a modern and grungy who seduced more than it-girl …

Fishnet tights. Brrrrrr. The mere mention of this fashion piece is enough to ruffle the hair us and put us unsavory images in my head-the kind Kim Kardashian molded in a flesh-colored pair. Unloved many women for his provocative side, the mesh is one of the things we had definitely banished from our wardrobe-or at least our underwear drawer since fishnet tops for their part to the heady days of summer 2016, under the sign of the revival of the 90’s. And if the famous tights tried to reconquer us many times, we have always managed to cope. Till today. Yes, you read that right: at the end of the year, the fishnet tights operate their comeback, and valid!
If worn as chic leggings, the fishnet tights have recently been spotted on gams stars like Lady Gaga, Marion Cotillard or Gwen Stefani, it is in their socks release that marked our minds. Among the new generation of it-girls, the shortcut model has had more success, evidenced by the looks of grungy Kristen Stewart , Kendall Jenner and even Hailee Steinfeld. With a dress, a skirt, short pants on the ankle, sneakers, flat shoes or heels, fishnet stockings are parts for the new stockinets glitter of the season… And you confirm?