The Best Concept of the Samsung Galaxy Note8

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note7 began to explode like grenades this past year, there has been talk of something else in the world of technology.
 Reaching out to even hint, we could leave out the Note range. However, a few months ago Samsung itself confirmed that during this 2017, we will be able to see the Samsung Galaxy Note8.
Since Samsung stated this, rumors about how this terminal could have been stopped. And undoubtedly, the change in design lines we’ve seen on the Galaxy S8 has fueled all these gossip. And as such, many graphic artists have launched themselves to imagine how this terminal could be, but the one that we are going to teach you next, is clearly the one that comes closest to what could be.

This Is The Best Concept Of The Samsung Galaxy Note8 That You Can See

As you can see in the video made by electronicsmatter, the minimalist design of the Galaxy S8 would continue also in the Galaxy Note8. This would come only on a 6.2 inch model, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8+.
The most important novelty that the designer proposes is the existence of front speakers, something that we have always missed in the flagship of the Korean company and that, along with its impressive screen, would offer a multimedia section very difficult to overcome by its competitors.
Another change, which we hope to see, is the inclusion of the double camera in the terminal. And is that, today any camera of a high-end mobile makes some spectacular photos, the important thing is to see what else we can do with that camera. And here comes much importance the double sensor that companies like LG or Huawei have introduced in their terminals, which give a breath of fresh air to the photographic section on the mobile.
Otherwise , it is a Galaxy S8+with an S-Pen, which could incorporate new functions, although to verify this, we will have to wait a few months.