The Best Baits for Fishing

What attracts we use fish for Pike and Pike-perch?? There are in the tackle shop a wide selection of Twisters, plugs, turn signals etc. …

The best baits.

Spiders allowed..
Spinners are fairly easy to fish inside. The spoon around the rotating metal axle while fishing and seduces the robbers of the light reflections and vibrations. The best models have been working with the smallest speed what can feel good at the bar. Many people tend spinners quick rotation inside but generally they are more efficient at lower speeds. Unfortunately allows traditional spinners themselves but badly put and sinking slowly. The spinners with a leading Manager this is a great addition. Small spinners are successful for trout and perch, medium-sized and big Pikes. Keep in mind that if you do not turn!

  • The spinners with a leading head is sublime in deeper or running water.
  • Small spinners may under no circumstances material is missing.

More than just watch.

Turn signals 
Blink Correctly fish inside a turn signal is an art in itself, Briefly turning them not static through the water inside, but attempts to bring them to life with the help of twitching of the rod tip. Short breaks, with lures afzinkt one to two seconds, is very effective, often hitting the Pike just then.Pike often bites into the proximity of the bottom. To avoid picking up trash, “Countdown” approach: the first can you throw move sink to the bottom and count the seconds it takes. For example, it costs 7 seconds, then starts with the next track after 6 seconds. Thus Swim bait just above the ground and still avoid direct contact.

Wooden cups

Wobbler in different versions.
Plug either in bright bold colors or as perfect imitation of Roach and perch, for paints attract applies only to fixed rules. In this area, it pays to experiment. Shy and trycköverfiskade predators, however, prefer the more faithful reproductions. The form can best match the character corresponding to the size of a normal prey. In late spring mimics small attracts small fish after hatching. In autumn, the best for Pike 15-20 cm large specimens. In hot water, choose the best mobile multi switched wobblers, cold water rather quiet one piece swimming plugs. The length of the dive sheet determines the depth where the lure pops-the larger the sheet the deeper dives.
Resemble nature’s: Little jerk of the rod let accelerate wobbler, pushing aside, stop the card, etc. ..A lively romp fish, after all, not straight through the water!
Rubber bait and Twisters 
Rubber fishing bait are now popular because they capture bass power combined with an affordable price. The principle is simple on a single hook with loodkop fired a soft rubber tail at the slightest movement in the water attractive flits back and forth. You can rubber bait as a spinner in fish. For walleye, it is however interesting to have over the base jumping. For this, move the rod in a seated about one meter upward as soon as the bait hit the bottom. Then you can lower the bar again while in turn line surplus so that the plug is not lost. The temptation to sink to a tight line, with a little practice you will feel perfectly to shock.

  • Lead cups come in all sizes, the most common weights from 7 to 14 grams.