The Adventures of Tintin Will Reach The Hand of Gameloft Android

One of the most anticipated movies for this last quarter of 2011 are the adventures of Tintin: the secret of the Unicorn, an adaptation of Steven Spielberg where actors in the flesh merge with virtual elements to mimic the aesthetics of the original comic. Like all big international premiere self-respecting the film will come out with a video game that will reach multiple platforms, including Android.
Responsible for carrying the adventures of Tintin to mobile devices is none other than Gameloft. Company with long travel and who more than once has been responsible for similar projects. The game has yet, possibly it will coincide with the release of the movie, but the company has already left us a trailer to whet your appetite.
As you can see in the trailer we are faced an action game where we control different characters. The graphic finish also looks spectacular though until we don’t see the game on our devices we can not assess property. At the moment, apparently seen, promises fairly.
As much as possible is that this game of Tintin It will not be compatible with all handsets. Let’s not kid ourselves, to move an engine of that caliber, we will need a good devices. Hopefully, that Yes, that Gameloft has thought a good range of products and not let out many users with smartphones and tablets powerful.