The 30 Most Important Still Info For Pregnant Women Preparing For Breastfeeding

You have to prepare yourself for breastfeeding?
Then you certainly already x have-x get the note that you shall again enjoy the free time and be sure to sleep in. You know not what you want to bring friends, because breastfeeding info & facts missing friends yet.
And you’re just time at all I don’t know what will come up with the birth and breast feeding on you.
You may hope that the midwives and nurses well will accompany you in the first few days, but you can never be quite sure.
In this summary, I have summarized 30 guide which will help you to be able to prepare on breastfeeding.
In addition we start with a first point, which may be your emergency nail. Anyway also possible.

#1 the lactation consultant

There are very different kinds of “Still consulting”, but I am talking about a qualified advice on breast-feeding, which can be friends now in preparation, as well as after the birth to the page.
Already establish the contact to you during pregnancy, helps you to go not long superior after the birth, to write you an eMail or call them.
Lactation consultants can be found with Google using your zip code or the quiet advice search on the individual lists Web sites.
Even if you take just one point from this summary with, knowing that there are also specialists in all medical professions, specially formed further for the breastfeeding advice please.

#2 bonding and first breastfeeding

The first hours after birth, your body that have built up to be more close together.
The bonding is your baby in direct skin contact on friends and there can use his own reflexes to get to your chest.
Drugs were used at birth or bonding occurs delays, it frequently happens that additional help is required to first quench.
To keep your baby’s body well supplied, breastfeeding should be in the first hour after birth. Also your milk production will be stimulated right. Your body remembers: there is still need.
Missed the first bonding for some reason, let you accompany in a re-bonding. This can help you and your baby to work experiences.

#3 breastfeeding on demand

Breastfeeding is important for your body as necessary so that he can adapt his milk production to the hunger of your baby.
But the stomach of your baby is still small and barely stretchable. Therefore, many small meals are needed. Perfect for both of you.
Some babies decide also to the breastfeeding of duration of.

#4 the suction confusion

A good base to set breastfeeding technique and milk production, we recommend that you only the breast is used to suck in the early days.

#5 the necessary quiet distances

An old old wives tales do that adheres stubbornly – the quiet distance.
Today, we know that a baby grows much better and increasing, if it just as often may breastfeeding, as it would like to. Intervals are not complied with.

#6 the Clusterstillen

So-called Clusterstillphasen are it repeatedly throughout the day.
In this time – often in the evening hours – you can imagine how it was earlier, when work on the field was done.One sat together around the campfire and the baby was nursing.
Today is the Clusterstillen part of the daily routine of breastfeeding children. It is often over several hours.
You may change so often chest doing as it wants again to breastfeed your baby.

#7 the amount of milk in the first few days

Milk portions grow with the hunger and nutritional needs of your baby in the first few days.
While it initially 1-2 ml (from both sides) – which is about as much as in a vaccine – the amount in the next few days multiplied.
The milk amount grows with the natural elasticity of the baby stomach without stretch him.

#8 the milk ejection reflex

The so-called milk ejection occurs at every meal.
Thus your body helps your baby in addition drink. The milk flows by itself.
This can happen even without creating so many women later decide for nursing pads to get no wet stains on the shirt in public.
The milk ejection reflex takes too long, your baby you can help him with a gentle massage of the breast.

#9 weight loss

In the days after birth, your baby loses weight.
This natural weight loss is, that your baby already has a filled gut and thereby loses weight when the first excrement.
The bubble also is often already well stocked after the birth – your baby drank all the time the amniotic fluid.
10% are indicative for maximum weight loss. Already with 7% weight loss, it is very useful to consult a lactation consultant to discuss whether something can be changed while breastfeeding.
You got infusions under the birth, the birth weight is often higher, because even your baby also has more fluid in the body. A weight control about 12 hours after birth then shows a rapid weight loss because your baby infusion fluid out has gepieselt.
This weight is important for the later assessment, if an auxiliary feeding is really necessary. In many clinics, it is established not by default – you need to ask about itself.

#10 to feeding

A majority of the babies (56%) is fed to in the early days. Most of the time without a medical indication.
If you wish, that your baby is exclusively breastfed and the quiet start without additional intervention may work, it may be you have to get you qualified still support on the page.

#11 the still friendly to feeding methods

Food to feeding is necessary from a medical point of view or is being fed expressed breast milk, there are different ways.
If to feeding at the breast is possible, that eased the way for full breastfeeding.
There are still problems that make it impossible to feeding at the breast may be practiced for the transition to feeding with a cup or a soft Cup.

#12 the so-called spitting child

Your baby spits out after every meal that is a sign that your baby is regulated so his food intake.
Sometimes, babies, spit if you have air in the stomach and this is pushing up the overlying milk. Then you can offer your baby after breastfeeding, to make a burp.
Often babies want to drink again right after the spitting. Then something had just press and the hunger is there further. You can have your baby again.

#13 breastfeeding after caesarean section

You’ve got the same good starting conditions for breastfeeding, such as after a normal birth after caesarean section.
Your body the pregnancy to prepare and with the birth of the placenta had the go-ahead for milk production.
It is now important regularly to practice breastfeeding and breastfeeding make as easy as possible you and your baby. Let help you well, even if it feels even bumpy.

#14 milk promotion

Because the copious milk production is prevented by to feeding, you need other “Tools”, to produce more milk, when it is said that your baby
has more hunger
too much decreases
too little milk
Help a breast massage and change breastfeeding breast compression, I in this guide describe more precisely.

#15 the early silent signs

The application is at first light, if you already start with breastfeeding, if your baby still quietly”hunger”.
In this graphic of the Queensland health authority, you see quite wonderful what happens after, when your baby gets hungry.
© State of Queensland (Queensland Health) 2012 |CC BY NC ND 3.0
Your baby when you create is already restless and frenetic, the creation itself becomes difficult.Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the early silent characters.

#16 wake the baby

If I tell a MOM that she should wake up her sleeping child to breastfeed, I am experiencing first usually a concern.
Awakening of babies is a kind of “No-go”.
But it can decide about your breastfeeding success.Especially in the first few days.
Until to have recorded the breastfeeding and weight development, the phases of sleep should not take too long. How long exactly arises from the breastfeeding frequency in 24 hours and the number of Clusterstillphasen and can not exactly say.
I recommend taking the baby naked skin-to skin contact and to provide breastfeeding usually 4 hours after the start of the last quiet meal. You may then also something to feed colostrum hand empty with a clean spoon.

#17 of the pacifier

Because we never know where a breastfeeding relationship developed the pacifier is a significant factor which may lead in particular in the first few days and weeks great breastfeeding problems breastfeeding.
Therefore, I recommend to discuss the use of the soother to weigh well and before alternative that are goal-oriented.

#18 surprising breastfeeding of duration of

Some babies breastfeed during the first (seemingly) permanently. At the very least, you want to remain permanently attached.
This can have many causes. Of coziness to a jaundiced everything behind it can insert.
In any case can help a breast massage before applying and the compression of the breast during breastfeeding. So, the milk comes more effectively to the baby.
A low uncertainty remains the lactation consultant is the right contact person.

#19 the exact Anlegedauer

Maybe you have noticed it. How exactly a quiet meal can be very different.
To find out if there is need for improvement in breastfeeding, it helps to lead a quiet Protocol on paper with a timeline days 1-2. Distribution and frequency of breast feeds together help to assess whether breastfeeding works well the daily identified baby weight. The frequency of excrements completes the picture.
The Anlegedauer itself is worth a little more meaningful. She called alone as a measure of sufficient milk or adequate supply, you can assume that your counterpart to little idea of breastfeeding has, that he could now help you.

#20 the right nutrition while breastfeeding

Onions are a national dish in India. Is a Turkish court without garlic – there anything at all? At the Mexican mild food – without chili?
When talking about nutrition in breastfeeding, concern arises that the own diet raises flatulence in the baby. Even carbon dioxide is avoided.
But: Your chest is no excretory organ.
Gases in the intestine are that bloats you. Would these gas bubbles in your bloodstream, you were going to die. It’s called air embolism.
For you this means: all clear. You can eat everything still breast-feeding that comes on the table.

#21 the right drinks while breast-feeding

That water is the healthiest of drinks, is widely known.
But otherwise you can continue all normal drinks to you.
It is important here that well providing you and your body.
So quiet teas can not alone also lead to more milk, even though that is being promoted again and again.
Do without do on alcohol and at the beginning of lactation on Sage and Peppermint, because they can milk reducing impact. Later you can pick up but easily this effect through your breastfeeding management.

#22 prepare the nipples

Your body does the preparation work of your nipples completely.
You can thereby help him by staying even without a bra or even topless. So the blood circulation in the skin of your chest is just continuous and good – the fabric is better supplied.
Enter the Montgomery glands on your nipple fluid which nourishes the skin particularly well and makes it flexible queries.

#23 the right nursing bra

Advance to buy a nursing bra makes little sense, because you can never precisely predict your breast size development.
Still bustiers are softer and especially about several sizes over due in the puerperium. Also, they are very cheap to get between 20-30 EUR.
Because you will need hardly a bra just in the first few days, you can use also your belly band from the beginning of pregnancy at this time. It keeps even a gauze to absorb leaking milk.

#24 the important preparation for breastfeeding

The preparation for the first time with the baby and the lactation is really recommended.
Because: it may well be that exceeded your expectations in every way.
Breastfeeding and baby life is beautiful – at all no question. Children are an enrichment of life that is second to none.
At the same time you will learn but also lots of new. This happened to a change in your life, which is not only heititeiti pink polka dots clouds sunshine.
With a sound of quiet preparation course you know expected and even better you: how you can prepare yourself yet for unexpected.

#25 the possible pain while breastfeeding

Maybe you have already read, that breastfeeding should not hurt.
Bull shit, if it still does it. And breastfeeding hurts in many women.
However most of the time for a reason!
So, it makes sense, if you already know what it could be, if breastfeeding itch and what you can do about it, so that it will be immediately better.

#26 the possible blood glucose measurement

You’re affected by a pregnancy diabetes supply your baby is controlled using a glucose meter. Similarly, if your baby comes to the world more difficult or more easily.
These provisions are important and the values to be within specified limits.
A blood glucose value of your babies is too deep, need mother’s milk. In many hospitals is unnecessarily often immediately taken to form food or other feeding liquids.
It unnecessarily bother your quiet beginning. Here you can counteract only if advance for a qualified escort – you care whether within or outside the clinic.

#27 breastfeeding aftermath

The regression of the uterus is usually stronger felt than between creating during breastfeeding.
A normal, sensible and important process in your body.
The aftermath you feel painful, you get a pain reliever. They are chosen still tolerated.
Because pain can prevent the so important to the flow of milk hormone, it is important that you get an appropriate pain relief.

#28 the completely different milk bullet

The name “Milk bullet” makes us believe that no, no milk or substandard milk is present until the “day of the plump breasts”.
That’s not true.
Much more it’s so usually after 3-5 days, that a large amount of lymph uncomfortably swollen breast tissue.
Regardless of this swelling the milk production is built up and you can’t feed your baby even if you could find no swelling.
It is even so that we often observe that the swelling when moms often or on-demand breastfeeding their babies from the outset and the sleeping phases not too long are much gentler run.

#29 carelessly used quiet cone/top

The breastfeeding resource number 1 in many hospitals is called silent shell.
Usually it is therefore used, because a sound breastfeeding advice and breastfeeding support already alone time not can be made.
Is your baby
not automatically apply by you as a MOM
the breast again come on, as soon as the nurse out of the room
Create fast and smart
access many caregivers, nurses, midwives to the quiet little hat quickly, because it promises to simplify.
It is only in the short term with the breastfeeding helped, because the real reason for the Anlegeschwierigkeiten was not fixed.

#30 the essential breastfeeding positions

Why does this point as the last?
Because there are relatively many tutorials and help for after the birth.
However, it is important to mention that it’s not to dominate as many nursing positions me at this point.
One to three nursing positions where you’re fine to learn is very useful. Should you come into a situation with a milk jam and need another quiet location, you can then learn it.

Bottom line: Breastfeeding takes time

Breastfeeding is – even if it so beautiful not sounds – for all only the easiest and most natural way. It takes time.Quite often needed instructions. Often support.
It may be that your baby and you are now very much in love after the birth. And it may be that you need time to sniff you in the truest sense of the word.
With a good preparation for the breastfeeding you can preparing the groundwork for this already in pregnancy, that breastfeeding from the outset great works. Then it unexpectedly, if breastfeeding problems arise, you can bring much faster her behind you, as without the silent knowledge from a nursing course.
If you want to get started right now and your (next) well prepared would start breast-feeding, then I invite you to the quiet preparation course onlinethat is designed exactly for this. Check smber for what does PVT stand for.
Want to get simply more tips on breastfeeding, then you see the text entry and I’m with you via eMail.
I wish you a good start to a beautiful breastfeeding, in which you know that you are in good hands and accompanied, whenever you need help. And a breastfeeding gives your baby a natural – good start in life.