Test of the Iphone 'Leather Pouch' Cover

What regular of the PDA was not surprised not find a pocket of protection comes with the iphone?
In all cases the German Artwizz to original accessories as privacy mirror being tested here offers a simple iPhone pouch that could well be the missing cover, that we were looking for in the box and that you have never found ;-).
In our long series of tests of iPhone accessories, or you already ran into a similar case very interesting coming from BeyzaCases (and always 20% discount via coupon iPhon.fr), see a little it in detail and images with not one but two models cases, one in black the other in pink (differing only the color)!
According to computergees, the cover is presented in a n original cylindrical case, which is the same packaging that protects all the artwizz cases. Once it is open, we discover a Pocket plastic imitating fine leather.
It is immediately impressed by the small size of the case.
An inscription ‘for Apple iPhone’ is engraved on the front, but this remains discreet, and a second, ‘Artwizz’ figure on the back side (or conversely, nothing prevents to use it in the sense of his choice, because the case is symmetric).
The seams are crisp and regular. ALA join between the front and back side, the two edges are welded to one another (hot I guess), giving a very neat effect has all.
The Interior is dressed in a soft fabric that will offer cozy home and without risk of scratches to your precious!
The iPhone slides into the case without problem once the form is made, i.e. at the end of a two-day. The machine is perfectly protected, slipping alone outside, without being difficult to extract when it is needed.
Openings on the top to remove the iPhone from the case with two fingers without any difficulty.
The upper face of the iPhone is the only unprotected, it allows to use the helmet keeping the iPhone away.
The model proposed in pink is strictly similar and mightappeal to the female audience;-).
The size of this case, inserted very space saving with the iPhone allows to keep the whole in a pocket of jacket or pants with no problems.
Away from the cases complex remaining supportive of the machine in use, this simple cover perfectly what it is designed and well designed.
If Apple were to offer protection with the iPhone is certainly a similar model that would be placed at the side of the iPhone. As it is not provided, it will take  29,90 euros to buy it ;-). It happens here!