Tegra Kitkat Note 7 Ideal for Tablet Games

Appliance mounted by gradient has good battery life and powerful configuration.
NVidia is a known fan of old games, thanks to your long line of video cards for computers. In the tablets, the company also has obtained success thanks to Tegra processor line.
The latest model, the Tegra 4, begins to appear in some tablets, including the Tegra Note 7 (R $1,000), designed by NVidia and assembled in Brazil by Gradiente.
The tablet has robust configuration, good battery life, good quality sound and runs the latest Android version, the KitKat. In short, it is an excellent option for those who want a tablet more potent than the average. Check out the test.
In favour:
-Powerful Configuration;
-Battery with good duration;
-Support for digital pen (included);
-Android on the latest version and “dry”.
-Some errors and inconsistencies in the translation of applications.
Robust is the best word to define the look of the Tegra Note. Most of the tablets on the market has a rear full of plastic, but that’s not the case here. The Tegra Note has part of the tail covered in rubber, with a texture with small holes. This type of coverage helps prevent slips and finger marks on the back.
The rubber also helps to minimize the effects of the heating appliance. Like any tablet, Tegra Note heats up a little after a longer period of use, especially with games.
In front of the tablet, another differentiator. In most tablets are speakers on the sides or the back. Already the Tegra Note has two good speakers, above and below the screen.
The result is a sound with good quality. In a quiet room or with moderate noise you can hear quietly a music or audio from a video, without having to bring the tablet of the eyes.
The Tegra Note 7 still has a third speaker, at the bottom, back just for bass sounds. The iG has tested the feature with a number of music and video files. The effect of the bass speaker is discreet, but certainly helps in sound quality.
The Tegra Note 7 is equipped with the powerful Tegra chip april 4 cores and 1 GB of RAM. The iG has tested the device with the AnTuTu benchmarks (35,592), Quadrant (15,565) Vellamo HTML5 (2,717) and Vellamo (1,207). In all cases the results were excellent, comparable to those of smartphones such as the Galaxy Note III and the Xperia Z Ultra.
The iG has tested the tablet with some games too “heavy” as Lawless, Eternity Warriors 3 and Galaxy On Fire 2 HD in all of them the performance was very good and without gagging.
The tablet has 16 GB of internal memory, two of which 12 GB are free to programs and files. There is also a microSD memory card slot. The Tegra Note also has a HDMI output, useful for connecting the tablet to your TV and watch on the big screen files stored on the device.
The Tegra Note has 7 screen with resolution of 1,280 x 800, the highest value for tablets with 7-inch screen. Higher resolutions are found only on devices with larger screens, like the LG G Pad and the iPad Mini.
The Tegra screen Note 7 has IPS technology, which provides images with good sharpness even with the tablet slightly inclined. The iG has tested the device with several video files in high resolution and the result was good, with sharp images and good color fidelity.
System and applications
The Tegra Note 7 leaves the factory with the 4.2 version of Android. But an update to the latest version of Android, 4.4.2, is now available and is installed as soon as the appliance is connected to the internet.
There are very few modifications to the Android interface. In terms of applications, the tablet is also lean and few apps beyond the traditional package of Google.
That’s good, since as soon as there is more space in memory for games and apps and the user gets angry with useless or duplicate applications.
Among the few applications included the Gradient are two specific for use with the stylus pen. The Tegra Draw is a freehand drawing application and Write allows you to use the stylus to make notes. Are basic apps, but that work well. So the pen is removed from your drawer, the Tegra Note open shortcuts to these applications.
A single negative detail in applications is in the camera application, which has some errors and inconsistencies in the translation. There are items in English in the middle of options in Portuguese, some Portuguese error messages (“ascesso” in an alert message) and some terms like “cloudy” files (instead of the cloud or remote files). But this type of error can be corrected easily with an update.
Another strong point of the Tegra Note 7. Rarely a tablet or smartphone lasts informed by manufacturer. This is not case here. In tests of the iG , the Tegra battery Note 7 lasted about 10 hours with video in fullscreen, brightness and WiFi connected. This is the value reported by the gradient in the device documentation.
The Tegra Note 7 is a good choice for those who want a tablet more “stout”, mainly to play games. The price for Brazilian standards, fair enough. The setting is powerful and battery has excellent duration. In addition, the tablet is one of the few to have the latest version of Android.
Note 7-Tegra gradient Model TB750
Price: R $1,000
Configuration: 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 800, IPS technology and density of 213 ppp; NVidia Tegra processor Note april 4 cores and 1.8 GHz, Android system 4.4.2, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage (12 GB free), microSD memory card slot, WiFi b/g/n, GPS, front camera of 0.3 MP, 5 MP rear camera, microUSB port, HDMI port.
Dimensions (cm): 20 x 12 x 1
Weight (g): 320
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