Teas for Sleep: Learn the 4 Best

We don’t always get to have a good night’s sleep, and this will affect our body in a variety of ways. But we can do something to improve this situation.

Teas for Sleep Learn the 4 Best

Sometimes we see ourselves in a situation where you can’t fall asleep. Whether by personal problems, work, or even health problems.

It is generally known that a good night’s sleep is essential for our body to function properly the next day. One night last evil leads to that the person is grumpy, tense and sometimes stressed.

One of the solutions sought to combat this problem are the teas to sleep.

Even his intervention in isolation may be small, these natural alternatives can be a precious help to improve a bad night’s sleep without having to resort to medicines.


There are plenty of varieties of plants, leaves and herbs that can be used to make teas for sleep, but what matter here are those that provoke us to sleep, making the body relax and fight the insomnia.


The chamomile tea acts as a tranquilizer in our bodies and is excellent to hang the insomnia.

Still has detox properties, anti-inflammatory and has the ability to decrease muscle aches and pains that often cause restless nights.

Preparation of the tea: This tea can be made with the dried flowers of the chamomile or sachets that are easily found in any supermarket.


It may be a bit unknown by the population, but the truth is that the tea of lettuce is a natural tranquilizer and a good ally of a good night’s sleep.

Those suffering insomnia, anxiety and nervousness, has the tea of lettuce a way to soothe the symptoms that can be quite uncomfortable sometimes.

Preparation of the tea: For this tea you only need to put boiling water and leave the stalks of the lettuce between 5 to 10 minutes in the water. Then, simply strain it and drink a cup a little before bedtime.


This is another option that will make the nights are more tranquil.

The mint has properties that help relax both the body and the mind, in addition to help combat any aches and pains you may have, such as, for example, stomach aches or headaches.

Preparation of the tea: The preparation of this tea is quite simple. You just need to put some mint leaves in boiled water for a few minutes. After this period, remove the leaves from the water and drink a cup before sleeping. The results will be visible.