Take Care of Your Shoes

Who does not know this, while strolling in the pedestrian zone or while walking in the green by the rain surprised and in the expensive new Wild leather ankle boots stands the water… Not a particularly pleasant feeling no question, but worse is this situation actually only for your shoes.
Whether it’s the suede ankle boots or the sneakers made of fabric, none of them is protected from dirt, salt edges and rain.
But what to do? Impregnation is the magic word!
Even if many shoes are pre-impregnated from the factory, this protection often is not enough. In addition, it is important to continually renew the existing protection so that you can have as much time as possible from your favorites.
What is the effect of impregnation?
In the case of an impregnation, a protective film is laid over the shoe and prevents the wet or dirt from penetrating into the leather or fabric. For this film to fulfill its purpose, you should impregnate your shoes three times before you wear them for the first time, according to a2zgov. After each time you should wait 15 minutes for the spray to enter.
Done? Perfect! You have treated your shoes as they deserve, they are now armed against dirt and moisture. Unfortunately, this protection does not last forever and has to be renewed once and for all, as mentioned above. But how often?
Now we have arrived at the question of all questions … which unfortunately I can give you no clear answer. As much as I would, it was here that the spirits separated. The one claim the basic protection ex works would suffice, the others impregnate their shoes after each walk. The truth is probably somewhere in between. The fact is that the protection does not last forever, so it has to be renewed sooner or later. In principle, it also depends on your sense of how often you impregnate your shoes.
Small tip: Not every shoe is the same, some shoes are simply because of their materials particularly vulnerable to dirt and moisture and therefore need a lot of care.
So in my opinion belongs an impregnation spray (Rauleder & Synthetik) and a shoe wax(smooth leather) in every shoe cabinet! One should cherish what is holy, or not?
Everything you need for the perfect care of your loved ones you will find here , of course!