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How to Choose the Ideal Mat for Yoga?

Check also clothing and accessories tips to practice the technique

Have you noticed that when people practice Yoga they usually use a rug to support positions?And it is not there by mere coincidence or aesthetics.Also known as “mat”, this accessory is one of the most important items to practice, after all, it is in it that all the exercise is done. Continue reading How to Choose the Ideal Mat for Yoga?

About Kabbalah, Yoga and Therapy

Last Friday I wrote about “how to be happy alone”, a post to try and help people who suffer from bad to think they need to be with someone to find happiness. The truth is that even when you’re with someone, we must be attentive to our real wills and desires, taking care not to “get lost” and start to live (only) the life of another. The moment “only” is required, because as we heard a lot about “it is impossible to love someone if you don’t love yourself first. Continue reading About Kabbalah, Yoga and Therapy

Meditating Every Day

I realized my students a very big need to have tools to assist them in practice at home. I know very well that need, because when I started my practice, I didn’t know where to begin. Even practicing every day, with the help of my teacher, I don’t feel safe or even motivated to practice alone. I always thought the reason was the lack of time, lack of experience to choose which technique to use or didn’t think I would be able to meditate in the noisy environment of my home, I could write a list of obstacles that I found that made me give up before you even start. Continue reading Meditating Every Day

Top 10: Destinations that Will Be Trend Among Travellers

Specialist in advance trends in custom tourism, Teresa Perez Tours launches your long awaited list of destinations that promise to be the hot spots next year for travelers in search of new experiences. Search result of their travel consultants of high standard, the top 10 shows countries like South Korea, Botswana, Iceland and regions such as the Caucasus and the brazilian Amazon. Continue reading Top 10: Destinations that Will Be Trend Among Travellers

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas coming up and that will to win all the gifts for which sigh all year, right?

Thinking about it, I selected some items to my Christmas wishlist and invited Bia Costa and Cris Girardi, both my arms here in the findings to also share with us your choices.

Curious to see the style of each well marked on your selections! I’m sure with some of us you will relate. Come on? Continue reading Christmas Wishlist


Since childhood I hear, life is full of lessons, just pay attention. Time passes and we don’t pay attention and traverses various paths, sometimes hard to seek explanation for what we want and we don’t have (or vice versa), we do not understand or do not know cope. I’m glad that there are friends and wine glasses for us to vent … And in the end we found that the simplest things, those that are part of our daily lives, hiding the answers we are looking for. Continue reading Planting

History in the Age of the Yoga

The stressful pace of modern life has led more and more people seeking relaxation, self-knowledge, wellbeing and health in the technique created more than 5000 years in India, Yoga. According to Yoga Journal, only in the United States there are more than 100,000 instructors and 16 million adherents. This practice has several modes. Continue reading History in the Age of the Yoga