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Drinks to Enjoy the Weekend!

Uauuuuuu as soon as we pulled out of a weekend long and has arrived the weekend…. Jeez good thing huh! To celebrate a few more short days off… lol… the Hunch of Luxury is having a really hot tip for you: there are three types of drinks that are the most successful in Spain. I was there in August and I confess that I could not resist… took some “SIPs” of these delights… facinhas facinhas to prepare at home to receive the guests with great style! Ariba.. Ariba… paper and pen in hand and “Chu Chu”! Continue reading Drinks to Enjoy the Weekend!

As the Stories Led Me to the Cuisine

Since I’m a fan of small books. All books. My childhood remain flashes of memory: father, father, give me that book? Always pulling his shirt. As for the books, I’m also a great fondness for food and all your surroundings. It wasn’t like this. I grew up reading the comic books of Monica, besides the Mickey Mouse – when considered myself older for this purpose-subsequently met the typical mysticism books of years 90, without missing, of course, the “magician” Paulo Coelho, where I read them concurrently with the traditional Juvenile literature shared in schools. At the end of adolescence “bye” and, Whew!, I arrived in classical literature, modern and in the books of philosophy. In that terrain remained for years and years, where met and got lost several times-more financially that symbolically, after all, my biggest arrombos credit card were made with books. Continue reading As the Stories Led Me to the Cuisine

Wines that Are Worth Two

Heat season, time to gather friends and eat and drink in good company. Table done, family together and a lot of people to serve, choose wines in magnum bottle that are perfect for the occasion and complement the decor. Equivalent to two bottles of 750 ml, -litre bottles are super charming on the table and add value to the service of the wine. Choose one of these options and surprise your guests! Continue reading Wines that Are Worth Two

Le Pain Quotidien Organic Workshop

In July 2012, Le Pain Quotidien, handmade Belgian bakery network, came to Brazil with a unique concept in offering products and organic breads made by hand, in an eco-friendly environment. The story began in the late 80, when the Belgian chef, Alain Coumont, was dissatisfied with the suppliers of bread for your restaurant in Brussels and decided to literally put his hand in the cookie jar. Continue reading Le Pain Quotidien Organic Workshop

To Understand the Wines Scored

Some say that the best wine is the one that we like and, let’s face it, enjoy the beverage involves a lot more elements than those perceived on the swing of just over 100 ml liquid in the bowl. Good food and nice company make all the difference, make the experience much more enjoyable and certainly contribute to a great memory of that particular time. Continue reading To Understand the Wines Scored

Madrid Guide

Guys, this post took a year to air (shame!), but as I wanted to do something completinho, you know how it is, right? Lol!

Some have followed my journey of new year’s Eve in Madrid in December of last year-the hashtag #achadosmadrid. Now do this post telling a little bit more about my programming and indicating my favorite addresses in the Spanish capital. Continue reading Madrid Guide