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Men’s Fashion in Brazil

Only the stylist a menswear collection in the latest edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week, John Pepper’s done it all a bit till you see your name as one of the leading national fashion circuit beyond his own brand, is Creative Director of West Coast. Before being one of the forerunners for here wearing men with elements such as lace and acinturadas moulds, the miner began forming for the more traditional female costume might: the wedding dress. Continue reading Men’s Fashion in Brazil

I’m Pregnant: How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress?

Without a doubt, if you are pregnant, the dress ideal search criteria must conform to your changing Anatomy. This does not mean for a moment that you’ll look less spectacular, only that you should take the right decisions to get you more beautiful make you see. Here are our tips so that you find the perfect wedding dress. Continue reading I’m Pregnant: How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress?

Where To Rent a Wedding Dress?

And if we rented her wedding dress? Overview of the best sites for sumptuous attire of wedding without breaking the Bank.

This dress they carry during the most beautiful day of their lives, some become attached and give it a symbolic or sentimental. Others on the contrary, believe that it is darn shame it to end its days buried inside a closet. The dilemma is stark: either we choose to wear expensive designer dress that made us dream, to resolve to part then (and with the idea that others have door before we), either we just creating less expensive that you will surely be only once, but we can keep with us forever.

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15 Wedding Dresses That Say Yes To Winter

While winter weddings become more democratic than ever before, the frail wedding dress use of stylistic arguments to adorn themselves against the cold. The evidence with our selection.

Organized at the top of the mountains, or, more simply, during the winter season, a marriage celebrated in times of cold weather looks as idyllic in summer: the often snowy décor, a warm atmosphere animated by the

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Plus Size Wedding Dresses Tips

If you are part of the small cadre of maidens from perfect measurements and belong to the category of the flourishing plus, you’ll surely be interested in seizing valuable tips on the perfect wedding dress for you.

Following these basic tips you can splurge on the day of your wedding, all the beauty, charm and elegance that you always wanted to Crown your love. We start from the first and basic advice regarding the most suitable wedding dress patterns for their generous junoesque forms.

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What Wedding Dress to Choose For a Civil Marriage?

Impossible to do not pass the Mayor to get married. Whether or not you have chosen a religious ceremony or secular thereafter, it is the required step. Small dilemma: what wedding dress pick for a civil marriage?

  • The Same Dress For Your Ceremony Religious Or Secular

Whether or not your marriage to take place the same day as the ceremony religious or secular, you can wear the same dress. This is the case of most brides. This avoids buying a second wedding dress, unnecessary costs and

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Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

The Vera Wang bridal collection for the ‘2016-2017 autumn-winter continues on the same style of the already proposed line for spring, with asymmetric games and color contrasts, with semi-transparent materials such as tulle and lace. The cuts of wedding dresses are more traditional and canonical than the previous, but the trend continues for a rebel look, almost rock that breaks the mold of the bridal style by creating eye-catching and saucy items. If you look for a model that expresses your strong and modern character, the Vera Wang collection is what suits you.

Return to romantic dresses?

Vera Wang is known for her original clothes and the irreverent style, we saw him in the spring collection 2016, the troviamo-lesser extent – even in this new line. If before the New York designer departed almost completely from the canons of the bridal style, this time we see almost a return to the classic, with cuts of more traditional and romantic dresses. Of course, we never give up the asymmetrical wedding dresses, with short skirt and tail at the back, draped and crumpled, in lace or tulle.

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Beautiful Pink Wedding Dresses

A roundup of the most beautiful pink wedding dresses 2014 , one of the trends this year.

The workshops all over the world have wedding dresses Pink for 2014. A color you can choose with confidence for their marriage being suitable, as the white, for a wedding dress. If, in fact, white is recognized as a symbol of purity, the rose symbolises the unconditional love, romance and refinement and, in many cultures, is associated with positive feelings of happiness. We see, then, what are the most beautiful pink clothes collections 2014. Continue reading Beautiful Pink Wedding Dresses

Red Wedding Dresses Models

For a wedding full of passion the stylists propose red wedding dresses. The perfect color for surprising and dream of an unforgettable day.

Not all women have the courage to dare, but for those who dream of a wedding gown of the colour of passion, the Red is the nuance of love and energy. A real must for brides who want a modern marriage and the glamorous touch. A strong color that can be chosen in different shades, from bright red to Burgundy. For your wedding dress you can inspire you to present proposals on the runways of 2014, suggesting Red clothes to dress up the bride with whimsy, a choice against the tide that belongs to the “Brides in red”. Green light for long, short models, vaporous or clingy, only ever strictly rossi. Continue reading Red Wedding Dresses Models

Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Embroidered wedding dresses are valuable, chic and traditional line. 2014 wedding dresses collections designers offer a woman dreaming a unique dress.

Embroidered wedding dresses are very sought after by brides who are dreaming of a traditional wedding and want to impress with a classic and unique dress. The bridal designers propose, for the 2014 season, models that emphasize the uniqueness and refinement of embroidery, where tradition and femininity are a perfect bond. Continue reading Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Colored Wedding Dresses

Colored wedding dresses, a few years more and more brides prefer to wear a colorful wedding dress. It’s pink, pale pink, cream, red and even black, here are the most beautiful colored wedding gowns 2015..

The most classic wedding, the one who dreams of white wedding dress always, definitely not you will make sure this opportunity slip away to wear one, but for various reasons and circumstances there are women that white, even on the day of the wedding, just didn’t like it. For them the alternatives are many, for example just recently there has been a real return of champagne wedding dress, which is an excellent alternative to white while wearing a very classic wedding dress. Continue reading Colored Wedding Dresses

Champagne Wedding Dresses

Champagne wedding dresses, a trend that smells of old, like the best wine aged more pleasant on the palate is fine. Directly from the past, but in revised and revisited, champagne colored wedding dresses, they also like to younger brides. Discover the most beautiful clothes in softwareleverage.

Are clear but not traditional but not short, classic white, the perfect solution for those who dream of wearing an old fashioned wedding dress but in white just can’t see each other. In fact when we speak of champagne wedding dresses we refer to a fairly varied range of nuances that go basically from gold to ivory, with very subtle differences between a shade and the other that depend greatly on the type of fabric used: undoubtedly a silk champagne dress will have that shiny appearance that we’d never get if we choose the same color gradient for a wedding dress. Continue reading Champagne Wedding Dresses

2015 Haute Couture Wedding Dresses

2015 haute couture wedding dresses, the most beautiful models for who is getting married and wants to maintain the originality of the big brands of high fashion. The haute couture bridal collections 2015 show a lot of variety of beautiful dresses, perfect for brides who want to dare with original wedding dresses and recognizable style.

Among the haute couture wedding dresses for the 2015 season, we have selected some famous fashion designers in the bridal industry that have filled their new collections with new attractive, perfect for bold brides who, in addition to elegance, love the originality and style. Continue reading 2015 Haute Couture Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses for a Civil Marriage

Wedding dresses for a civil marriage, the models best suited for brides who choose to get married at City Hall.

The civil marriage is increasingly widespread and, compared to the past, many brides choose to wear the traditional dress of the ceremonies in the Church. At one time, “civil marriage” was a synonym for sobriety, few guests and therefore also of inconspicuous clothing. Fortunately the trend has changed and also those who choose civil marriage can show off dream dresses. See Itypejob for wedding dress fabrics. Continue reading Wedding Dresses for a Civil Marriage

Jessica Biel Giambattista Valli Wedding Dress

Jessica Biel, the rebellious Mary of Seventh Heaven, always sporting the look is flawless on the red carpet and in everyday life, but an error style, sometimes, it happens to all, even to those women who always seem perfect. This time the slip has touched American actress who, on the red carpet of the Fashion Group International’s 28th annual Night of Stars gala, wore a dress Giambattista Valli Couture collection autumn winter 2011 2012 . A magnificent and princely dress on the catwalk as cumbersome and out of place in real life. In short, certain clothing would be better to remain on the catwalk. Continue reading Jessica Biel Giambattista Valli Wedding Dress