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Decorative Wallpaper at Home

How to make wallpaper at home? Do not know how? Check out some tips to make wallpaper at home, with the use of simple materials, such as paper or cloth.

The wallpaper is a decorative element that has been used over the years to give new life the walls, and with cost much more affordable than a painting or complete makeover. It is made with cotton fibers and fabric, and can be found in various sizes, colors and prints, which provides the creation of cheerful, serene and modern environments. Continue reading Decorative Wallpaper at Home

Decorate with Kitchen Wall Paper: Environments that will Inspire You

The  kitchen  is a very important element in the house because it is where we gather the family, prepare the food for the people we love the most, and it’s an environment that usually gets exposed when we receive any visitors. However, many times, your  decor  is not taken as a priority; but know that she can bring personality to the whole House, with the use of  wallpaper adhesive, and inspiration to create good times with family and friends. Continue reading Decorate with Kitchen Wall Paper: Environments that will Inspire You

Non Woven Fleece Wallpaper

There are different types of wallpaper “ready to install”

  • the wall wallpaper traditional,
  • the non-woven wallpaper,
  • the vinyl wallpaper ,
  • the painted expanded vinyl paper,
  • other types of paper ready to be less prevalent are also possible for its decor: the painted velvet flocked wallpaper, the Japanese straw , the metallic wallpaper, the painted paper imitation stone, leather, wood … Continue reading Non Woven Fleece Wallpaper

Deco Idea for Living Room

Need inspiration for wall decor in your living room? Today we present 50 ideas deco living room wall in vintage style, retro and artistic. The interiors with retro style decoration are among the best world design trends in recent years. Therefore, we chose to create this folder on the decoration in vintage style, full of ideas for wall decoration of living inspired by the not too distant past and decorated with beautiful artistic touches.

Continue reading Deco Idea for Living Room

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

What to take for a snack? And on hot? And if dessert is needed? Lovers of good food regularly have to make fateful decisions, and the breadth of their choice not to frighten.Therefore, the design dossier of the dining rooms, we do not recommend and do not impose-just show what are the options.


Most designers the question, what is most important in the interior of the dining room, are responsible: the interior is generally not important, the main thing-it’s a good company.Traditional surroundings with a lot of wooden parts without frills and frills in this sense perfect-provides comfort and does not interfere with chat. Plates on a wall or on a nearby book shelf might be a good complication to talk, but not much else. Naturally, there are also possible variations on the theme: white painted furniture or things in the American colonial style more appropriate anywhere in the country, and boiserie in the wall and crystal chandeliers with carpets more suitable for the city. Most neutral options also should not be afraid-the holiday spirit in them can always be set using the servings.

Continue reading Dining Room Decorating Ideas

5 Ways to Use Candy Colors in Decorating

When it comes to candy colors, logo of babies and things. Is the bluey, whiting, the pink, all pale, which is perfect in children’s rooms. But if you’re still fans of the pastel colors and was in doubt about how to use them in decoration without the house looking like a nursery, we have a good news: it is possible and looks great! Continue reading 5 Ways to Use Candy Colors in Decorating

Chevron and Missoni

Explore the history of one of the world’s most famous prints!

After becoming a symbol of fashion in the years 1960, the Chevron, often known by the last name of your Creator, Missoni, came to be worshiped as one of the most beloved and popular patterns in the world. The famous zig-zag enchants us until today by the simplicity and the new footprint, being worshiped in the most different aesthetic expressions like fashion, design and decoration of the whole world. Continue reading Chevron and Missoni

Tips to Organize Your Study Corner and Stimulate Concentration

Nowadays, stop and focus on a single task for more than half an hour is something that seems impossible. Is the phone beeping, TV , a thousand tasks on the waiting list, if shuffled priorities. We know what it’s like and, look, that’s for the worse. And funny that technology facilitates our life and, at the same time, let us more and more out of time. Continue reading Tips to Organize Your Study Corner and Stimulate Concentration

5 Tips to Escape the Blue and Pink Baby Rooms

Has baby coming in the family? His friend, asked on her baby room decor? It’s going to be a dad or mom? A child always brings joy home, that feeling of renewal right? And on days when we see so many discussions about what is boy and what a girl, it’s only natural that things kind of scrambled on our head. Continue reading 5 Tips to Escape the Blue and Pink Baby Rooms