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Kitchen Tiles: Tips for Making the Right Choice

We currently have many types of coatings available on the market, which gives us more choice, but it doubles our attention when choosing one. The need for space, storage and making the environment more functional, gives way to the planned joinery, just as kitchens increasingly integrated the living room or dining room, end up losing walls that would be used to coat. Continue reading Kitchen Tiles: Tips for Making the Right Choice

Cheap Decorating Tips for Your Home

Decorating the house may seem like an unpleasant task, after all there’s always one more room to be changed, and when you think it’s over, the urge to change everything knocks on the door. One of the difficulties, or excuses, may be the lack of money for all these changes, thinking about it, we separated some cheap decoration tips to make your home ever more beautiful without spending much. Continue reading Cheap Decorating Tips for Your Home

Advantages of Decorative Vinyl

That fashions are volatile and changing, we all know. What we do not stop seeing today on the street (the famous jacket of Zara, for example), will have disappeared from the streets in a season and will have been replaced by another new object of desire. It happens with almost everything: fashion, accessories, technology, food and also happens with the decoration. Nevertheless the decorative vinyl has a series of advantages that make it remain unalterable and resistant to this type of fashions, although the designs demanded by the clients yes change with the passage of time. Continue reading Advantages of Decorative Vinyl

Non Woven Fleece Wallpaper

There are different types of wallpaper “ready to install”

  • the wall wallpaper traditional,
  • the non-woven wallpaper,
  • the vinyl wallpaper ,
  • the painted expanded vinyl paper,
  • other types of paper ready to be less prevalent are also possible for its decor: the painted velvet flocked wallpaper, the Japanese straw , the metallic wallpaper, the painted paper imitation stone, leather, wood … Continue reading Non Woven Fleece Wallpaper

Deco Idea for Living Room

Need inspiration for wall decor in your living room? Today we present 50 ideas deco living room wall in vintage style, retro and artistic. The interiors with retro style decoration are among the best world design trends in recent years. Therefore, we chose to create this folder on the decoration in vintage style, full of ideas for wall decoration of living inspired by the not too distant past and decorated with beautiful artistic touches.

Continue reading Deco Idea for Living Room

Feature Wall Stickers

Every year, new colors and decorative styles are quoted as trends in terms of interior design. Several guesses have been made over the years  and many new features get into the hot trend of decoration and some still stay behind.

But some of them come to be hated after years. You certainly remember the bathrooms in pink color. Today, these pieces are totally out of fashion.

Therefore, this guide met the 5 interior design trends which you will probably find tacky in 20 years.

Continue reading Feature Wall Stickers

Stylish Wall Stickers

Boring walls of your room you can easily decorate a wide range of attractive stickers on the wall. Come to choose a design that they catch the eye.

Have you tired of white paint rooms or have you had grown from a magazine posters on the walls? Then we have for you a great tip on how to revive its original walls – wall stickers from Fugu.cz . And do not worry, even parents do not protest because it is a high quality stickers, which do not damage the wall.

Perfectly crafted painting

Stickers, which you will find on Fugu.cz are made ​​of vinyl, so do not peel yourself, but also go very easily removed without damaging the wall down until you get tired. Moreover, their surface matte, so do not look like children’s stickers, but how perfectly crafted painting. But now directly for motives that they are on these stickers beautiful.

Continue reading Stylish Wall Stickers

Decorative Wall Paper Art Sticker

This type of technique creates the effect of crushed velvet, parchment, chamois moistened silk or brocade. Start by applying a base color on the desired surface. The techniques differ:

“Adding with a rag” – dip old rag or cloth in gloss or nail polish, squeeze it and apply it on the wall. You can use your imagination. Some people paint applied with a rag, and just go on the wall (like clean it), others rolled (as shown in the picture) and go the length of the roll on the wall. You can also roll the cloth on roller or use made ​​by you roll rags. Improvise! You can try first on a hidden place to see the effect.

‘Withdrawal with a rag “- this technique involves withdrawing a portion of the main color, revealing the base under it (wall, wallpaper, plaster according to Mysteryaround). The technique is similar, but instead of being immersed in gloss or varnish cloth wet and so flush of the applied paint. If you use a water-insoluble paint as a base, dip the cloth in the appropriate solvent.

“Rotary adding with a rag” – a variation of the first technique. The movement of the cloth is swirling with varying degrees of pressure from different places. “Swirling withdrawal with a rag” – similar to the second technique, but the movements are circular and pressure varies from “ragged technique” can experimentation with rags of different materials. Each of them will leave their own pattern on the wall and give the original look of your home. The only prerequisite is the fabric of the cloth can not separate cloth.

Continue reading Decorative Wall Paper Art Sticker

5 Ways to Use Candy Colors in Decorating

When it comes to candy colors, logo of babies and things. Is the bluey, whiting, the pink, all pale, which is perfect in children’s rooms. But if you’re still fans of the pastel colors and was in doubt about how to use them in decoration without the house looking like a nursery, we have a good news: it is possible and looks great! Continue reading 5 Ways to Use Candy Colors in Decorating

End of Year Black

Was thinking of democratize, the Kola launched the campaign “END of YEAR.

Is this time of year that we have some of the most popular promotions, such as Black Friday and also many people looking for gifts. For this reason, we thought, why not extend that date throughout the whole month of December, giving possibility to purchase with discount for a longer period? Continue reading End of Year Black

How to Cultivate Plants and Flowers in Small Spaces

We know that they bring life and good energy in the house. But, sometimes, the tight space limits our willingness to have a mini garden, right no more. The people shows that it is possible to bring the plants into the house, in any environment. Continue reading How to Cultivate Plants and Flowers in Small Spaces