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Mac Mini Intel ATX (USB Hub)

It would be a shame to waste USB ports that mounts in the front case. We can “extend” two of the rear ports of the Mini, but I think most successful incorporate a USB Hub inside the box and connect the front ports there.
The chosen one is a USB 2.0 4-port hub, acquired in Carrefour for € 7.90. This hub does not incorporate transformer, but have power input extra. Ideal to feed from the ATX source. Continue reading Mac Mini Intel ATX (USB Hub)

CES 2016: JAQ Loads Smartphones Using Fuel Cell

The fuel loading system presented last year JAQ is ready with a few months delay. First, it is available with an operator in Sweden.

The Swedish company myFC CES his fuel loading system for mobile devices, announced last year showed. The system, called JAQ consists of a loading unit with fuel cell powered by cartridges in the form of cards.

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How to Restart a USB Hub

Hub Universal Serial Bus are commonly used to connect accessories such as keyboards, mouse, webcams and music players in a computer. If the computer does not recognize or respond to devices plugged into the USB, the USB controller hub may have entered select suspension. With most of the cases, the USB controller is restarted and the computer should solve this problem. If not, contact the Microsoft Web site for additional details and support. Instructions

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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Review: Muscle Cell in the Compact Class [Mobile Test]

Sony creates a new niche in the smartphone world single-handedly with Xperia Z1 Compact.

With restaurant Nimb as luxurious backdrop, invited Sony Denmark, the Danish world press for a presentation of the Sony Z1 Compact. At first sight, left it to be plenty of pomp and circumstance, in order to introduce a mini version of the Sony’s current flagship Xperia Z1. But Sony’s new creation should prove to be much more.

Sony’s North European Marketing Manager, Ola Lilja Molén, pointed out namely by the apartment how Empire mode is in Android land-and noted, in particular, a gap in the market. For here are either myriads of small affordable cell phones, or a good handful of big, muscle bulging phones, but there is a noisy group of segment for small, but high-performance, Android phones.
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USB Smart TV

In technology you love you teach to connect the TV (see definitions on abbreviationfinder.org) with all devices in the House. The Smart TV has taken a very important leap so we get it and today is very simple to connect all cable or via the WiFi that we have at home.

We have talked about them in depth and you have explained everything you need to know to connect the devices. However, many times we tend to forget one of them because we find it also in other sites such as our PC or laptop. We are speaking of USB, which can get a lot out of Internet meanings.

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