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Gifts for Children

What wishes the young? It should be original, the gift. And something special. And it must also be hip and cool. Not so easy for parents and family members, but also for friends and acquaintances, which rush prior to the birthday party in the search for suitable gifts for children through the shopping streets. Now, what is the best present for the young? Offers a huge selection of trading and so spoilt for choice between hundreds of dolls, action figures and Playsets is really not easy. But how to find the best gifts for children now? Continue reading Gifts for Children

Best Game for Toddlers

And grata is the main occupation of the child from preschool. Through it he gets to know the world around him and is preparing for its future activities. Learn to perform roles and to comply with rules.

The child likes to imitate adults and portrays their various images. No girl who is not secretly dress the most beautiful dress of her mother, not to rig with its jewelry and not a game of “Lady.” No boy who, armed with their guns toy has not played the hero-winner from fairy tales or movies.

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Slow Flying Remote Control Airplane

Fast and hard, each. However, easy to build and thus fly slowly, that is a challenge!

Fly Nearly Everywhere Possible

Slowflyer-so slow fliers are so small and – mostly – slow engine aircraft that can be flown in any park on any sports field or even in a hall.

The boundaries are blurred, as so often in life. But you can say so to 700-1000 grams are Parkflyer. Drunter Hall flyer below ( “indoor”). Built the Teensies sometimes made of balsa, but very often from Depron. Here are often true artist at work producing beautiful flying machines Miniature, and with only a few hundred grams flying weight. Since I can only say: Chapeau!

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