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Corset: Tips, How to Use

The corset is a piece that leaves any woman more sensual, because it lowers the waist, outlining the female body well. Originally, it was created to be an intimate piece, but as time went on, women began to dare and it is often left completely on display, mainly because it is a beautiful, elegant and sensual piece.So here are some tips on how to wear a corset. Continue reading Corset: Tips, How to Use

Exams Your Baby Must Do

What Exams Does the Baby Need to Do?

When the baby is born it is necessary that the same one does several different exams, but the moms, most of the first trip end up not knowing which Exams the baby needs to do and to clarify these doubts we came to bring some information.First let’s understand what the main ones are, even though some changes have been made in recent times and new exams have been added. Continue reading Exams Your Baby Must Do

Cropped Fashion Tips for Chubby

Tips on How Chubby Women Can Use Fashion Cropped

Many women who are chubby   they always want to be fashionable too the cropped fashion makes a lot of success with all different women and ages, the cropped fashion tips for chubby will help you stay fashionable and beautiful with the new fashion that is making it very successful   fashion cropped. Continue reading Cropped Fashion Tips for Chubby

Wedding Gowns Provide Valuable Tips for Wedding Planning

The marriage application was accepted, the wedding ceremony is fixed and the anticipation for the most beautiful day in life is getting bigger and bigger. In order for the wedding to be unforgettable, you should opt for a suitable location in which the bride and groom as well as the wedding company feel completely comfortable.In addition, one should organize the wedding rings as well as a photographer in time, as well as the bride mode. However, most wedding couples do not yet know what should be observed at a wedding, which ultimately matters, what is important. Many people are already starting to get information on the various wedding portals around the wedding in the internet. However, with all the abundance of information, which can sometimes vary from portal to portal, the uncertainty and uncertainty begins to slip in, if one is really on the right path. So that the wedding is but a complete success, one should rather be informed expertly. Exactly for this there are special wedding fairs. Continue reading Wedding Gowns Provide Valuable Tips for Wedding Planning

How to Match Curtains with Room

The curtains give the finishing touch to a room decoration. Their choice must be made based on the style of furniture and atmosphere we want to create. To avoid the mistakes of tastes you must match them in harmony with your environment.


  • When to choose curtains?
  • Technical criteria for the choice of curtains
  • aesthetic criteria to choose a curtain adapted to its interior

Continue reading How to Match Curtains with Room

How to Choose a Dress According to Your Body Shape?

November is coming to an end and in exactly one month Christmas 2016 will bring together families, friends, the ones who count each other. These Christmas and New years are moments of sharing, love, happiness and freedom will undoubtedly have a special significance in the year 2016.

It is time to choose a New Year dress that sticks to your body to radiate even more than usual. Who better than sublimate you whatever your morphology?

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How to Wear Red Blazer

Red Blazer! A good choice to make decisions.

As you probably already noticed, I have somewhat retired in recent weeks. Somehow I after a year blogging time for me hand. And of course I also made ​​me in this out many thoughts, otherwise I would not be a real woman. I’ve been thinking a lot about my life in the social media world. And also about how I will spread my priorities in the future.

Red Blazer And The Power to Make Enscheidungen!

Somehow I realized that is going on all my life only in the virtual world and my loved ones miss out around me. Of course, this especially my husband, my child, my dog, friends, family and home and garden. And to myself I have noticed changes. No spontaneous meetings with friends was more possible.My joy, my life’s joy, my ease-everything there. In short, I felt empty and exhausted. My blog and all other social media channels to bring me joy and not be a burden.

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How to Sew An Oilcloth Tablecloth

Before Sewing You Have to Buy-Tips

Consider before buying the fabric of oilcloth, that they would really like. Maybe you want to sew two wax paintings to change?

  • First measure your table and enter appropriate compensation for the overhangs of oilcloth.
  • Take your favorite tablecloth necessary as a model and measure it all.Note the dimensions for purchase. But Convert 2-3 cm on all sides, as an added seam allowances.
  • Oilcloth fabrics can be found in any hardware store and furniture stores.But also in the departments of handicraft department stores like Karstadt, for example, you will find appropriate materials.
  • Test the equipment, it should be as gentle as possible, so that the wax layer does not break when folded.
  • 03h08

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How to Dress When You Are Short?

How to satisfy her fashion cravings when you’re far from having long legs? A short guide to highlight his (small) morphology.

Dress when one is small, a galley? Not necessarily. Just follow some tips and common sense rules that summarizes you right here.

1. Wear Heels 

A board that seems simple and obvious, but still deserves its place at the top of the list. Do not hesitate to get high since winning a few centimeters, you also refine your silhouette. Be careful with too high heels, which can quickly become vulgar. The anti-heels can fall back on derbies to platforms.

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How to Choose Clothing for Body Shape

Women’s clothes are a universe so large and unknown that even the designers are constantly learning. The fashion history goes back to prehistoric times, making it impossible to add all models of women’s clothing ever released on the market or used by bodies with beautiful curves. If you do not understand well the market models, don’t feel upset, you know: you’re not alone. But it’s correctable.

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How to Wear Sequins Casually

This fashion winter can be found again sequins everywhere. I really do not follow every trend. But this small, shimmering flakes have made my heart beat times higher again. Sequins stand for glamor, elegance and femininity. And they remind me of my time as a costume designer at the State Theatre in Darmstadt.

That sequins can be combined casually also, and what there sont to note yet that I want to show in this post.

As always my motto: “Never buy what you can not combine versatile.” And that also includes a skirt or a dress, fully sequined not. Of course, can be combined easily a white T-shirt. But with a little creativity, is a combination of talent out of the glitter particles.

Simpel and elegant occasions: A sequined cocktail dress, a couple of high heels, an elegant clutch. Even one is ready for the cocktail evening or Christmas.

If that is too much, or if it does not allow the occasion; then has to be played with opposites. Here are a few styling ideas:

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How to Buy Women’s Clothes Online

Lange was the special features in the buying behavior of women too little attention in online shopping. A good reason for us, the buying behavior of the largest audience in the network more closely to take re-examined.

Our infographic “Female Commerce-What Women Want” gives an overview of numbers, facts and oddities in behavior female shopper and women can certainly bring smile:

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Fashion Tips for Women Low

Hi Hi my loves! HAPPY 2016! People of the sky, how fast the year 2015 is not it? I was a little stop because I was on the beach with the family and from there I couldn’t do post but now I’m back and I’m the  with tips MARAS for my beautiful little ones!

Recently did a post giving fashion tips for tall women (post here), but now it is the turn of our dear little ones, who like me, suffer to find a look that enhances your figure and you don’t flatten more doesn’t it? But now his problems are over because with these tips you will never suffer because of the time and on the contrary will love being the way it is, we’re going to the tips

Monochromatic looks

This type of production helps to grow a few centimetres (those that lack to be perfect you know?) plus you can dare in total look black because I lose weight and also in strong tones and neutrals. Remember to choose pieces of straight cut to keep the silhouette.

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Online Shopping Tips Clothes

Always used mackerel aimlessly through the city and bought what seemed to me just particularly great. The upshot was then a motley wardrobe with great items that did not want to seem to fit each other.

That annoyed me every year, because I always had phases that I could only with difficulty be combined. To this was then that I have uncontrolled and bought a lot-but then cheap stuff that does not last long. The online shopping world has only made my behavior worse, depending on your mood my virtual shopping carts were filled without precise plan.

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Tips for Rocking the Daisies

The flowers have turned the trend for a long time, but recently the daisies have won a good space in our closet, stamping t-shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts and everything. The fine print is that it goes with everything, letting you mount a look more simple, but without excluding the possibility of mounting a ballad. Check out some of the best looks and tips for combining the ideas.


It is very easy to find these rings of Daisy to sell, they are mostly very simple and super sensitive, usually very cheap. Some even have anything written on the inside, for example, “I pick you” (I choose you). This is because the Daisy flower is commonly used for the game “he loves me, he loves me not”, which leaves the cutest yet.

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What to Wear for a Social Event

Choosing the one outfit to a more event social can lead some women to error. You need to know compose a style that is often completely different from that used on the day and the pieces combinations may seem strange, but they are not. It is in any doubt about what the best clothes of female social fashion? Get some tips on how to dress up in this style and raze in any event.

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Tip: Keynote Presentations Can Be Controlled Directly from Your iPhone

Forget about handwritten notes to the presentation that you want to sit right in the closet when you can use your iPhone instead.

Most presentations often consist of unimaginative PowerPoint slides and a stack of handwritten notes, which can get even interesting content to seem sleep-inducing.

Our site is instead poised to show how you can control it all from your iPhone or iPad, and even view your notes from the presentation directly on the screen.

The whole fuss requires, among other things, that you’re using Keynote app, there is, of course, is Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Also, you must be on the same Wifi as the device you want to control the presentation from. Continue reading Tip: Keynote Presentations Can Be Controlled Directly from Your iPhone

Tips to Not Make Slip-ups Sets

The clothes go far beyond their practical function to protect the body, are also responsible for transmitting the message that you want to communicate to the world with its image. However, not always what jumps to the eye is what you want to communicate.

Discover little FIBS sets that can get old or even too your visual infantilize:

Slip-ups they age

Choose the wrong color

Despite the choice of color be a matter of taste, the tone should always vary according to your skin, as hot and cold profiles ask for a different range of hues. The wrong color, it doesn’t suit you, get older because evidence such as tags defeitinhos and pales of expression, blemishes, dark circles and wrinkles. The ideal is to prove an outfit you review it with calm in front of the mirror, to understand all the details. Another option is to get a sweater in two different colours, put her face for a few seconds and then do the same with the other. The comparison will help you to understand what was best.

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Tip: the HomeSlice-App Is a Social Network for You and Your ‘Roomies’

When kept track of the apartment’s expenses and miscellaneous chores, comes the social network app HomeSlice, to the rescue.

When students in search of opportunity, it’s often for sharing with strangers “roommates”. Since we do not know each other beforehand, also at startup made agreements in relation to procurement, cleanup, etc.

It is, however, not everyone who is just interested in raising student incomes for a joint budget, when traded into. Some want instead to buy small in, for then to collect the money from each other, even though it obviously can end in a mess.

This is precisely why our site found a free, social app that can help keep track of communications between you. The app is called “HomeSlice”, and can be downloaded to the iPhone and for Android (BETA). Continue reading Tip: the HomeSlice-App Is a Social Network for You and Your ‘Roomies’

How to Restart a USB Hub

Hub Universal Serial Bus are commonly used to connect accessories such as keyboards, mouse, webcams and music players in a computer. If the computer does not recognize or respond to devices plugged into the USB, the USB controller hub may have entered select suspension. With most of the cases, the USB controller is restarted and the computer should solve this problem. If not, contact the Microsoft Web site for additional details and support. Instructions

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