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Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Official: in Pre-Order in Italy Starting from 299 € (Pictures and Videos)

As expected just comes today confirmation from NVIDIA itself, through the web portal ultimate.nvidia.eu, marketing of NVIDIA Shield Tablets, the new device “& Tegra Android powered” dedicated to the most hardened gamer. Commercial purpose images leaked a few days ago had exactly all the features unveiled today on the record from NVIDIA.

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Leaked: Check out the Cool Features in Sony Sirius

On top of the leak of specifications on the upcoming flagship mobile from Sony, there is now a list of the many new features.

Yesterday we could on our site tell that more specifications on the Sony Sirius leaked, and now is the same source ready to tell, what are the cool features we can look forward to from your mobile. It can be seen at Xperiablog.

The images that page shows, is taken from the device, which admittedly is running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. However, it is expected that Sony Sirius, as mentioned earlier, will come pre-loaded with Android KitKat.

4 k video and Timeshift
Your phone will be able to shoot in 4 k quality, which for the time being, it is quite large in screen resolution.In addition, you will be able to record with the “Timeshift Video” with many images per second, and subsequently be able to add slow motion effect, which we already know this from iPhone 5S. Continue reading Leaked: Check out the Cool Features in Sony Sirius

Four Things the iPhone 6 Must Contain in Order to Keep up with Competitors

Four bids on the things iPhone 6 must contain, if Apple needs to keep up with its competitors.

Let me start by noting that the latest iPhone 5S is a fantastic good phone that meets most people’s requirements for a modern smartphone.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 5 and later iPhone 5S/C a bit of a disappointment when they were presented-Which lacked a little in order to trigger the wauw effect totally.

Several sites on the Web given that bids on the specifications and features that iPhone 6 should contain, if users and reviewers must have fulfilled their most fervent dream. Some realistic, others just flighty futuristic thoughts. Continue reading Four Things the iPhone 6 Must Contain in Order to Keep up with Competitors

ASUS T100 Review: Discretion and Unsightly All-in-One Solution

ASUS T100 transformer Book does it all-but this is not all that ends well.

Asus has for some years stood out on PC market with their elegant Zenbook portable. Asus has also helped to define the hybrid notebook where you not only make do with a touch screen, but the screen can be removed from the keyboard and used as normal tablets.

The types of hybrids call Asus to “transformer Book”. ASUS T100 is one of the small with a size of only 10.1 “and a fair price at 3300kr. It sounds like something we’ve heard before, a netbook, however, now as a hybrid.

Similar horror story “Netbook”

Once you promises Asus transformer Book T100 are designed out of the box is actually fine, even though it clearly is plastic. But for a 3300.0-kr netbook feels not cheap plastic and collect the quality is also in order. Continue reading ASUS T100 Review: Discretion and Unsightly All-in-One Solution

Tip: Your Personal Signature Handled Easily from Your Phone

When a pdf file on your phone requires your personal doodle, there is no need to either print or startup of the old PC.

In these digital times, there is a huge focus on productivity, particularly by both smartphones and tablets should take over the tasks that were reserved for the computer.

In this context, we cannot avoid our handwritten signature, which is used to confirm trades, rental property, appointments etc. The majority are flasket up with ball pen as a tool for this, but why, however, print out, when you can do it all from your smartphone or tablet.

That is precisely why our site ready to show how it can be done, even without a stylus. This time we use the app “Acrobat Reader”, which can be downloaded free for iOS here and for Android here.  Continue reading Tip: Your Personal Signature Handled Easily from Your Phone

How to Purchase a Tablet?

Tablets meet increasingly more successful. Practical, fun and interactive, they invite themselves everywhere thanks to their light weight, which does not make compromise on autonomy. In front of your television, on the plane or to care of the children on a trip: the tablets are unanimous.
You are considering buying a Tablet? Check out our guide to select the best touch tablet, and enjoy your purchase with peace!

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8 and 10 Inch Tablet from Lenovo Yoga 3

Lenovo prepares the launch of Yoga Tablet 3. The evening event scheduled for September 2 in Berlin will show for IFA 2015 all range for winter, and between these products, there will also be 3° Yoga generation tablets. We already know many details.

Online certifications (FCC, Hotel Le Negresco and Bluetooth SIG) and the benchmark results (GFXBench) we have unveiled the hardware business configurations YT3-850F and YT3-X50F: 8 x 10 inch display with 800 and 1280 pixels, CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 and 410, 1/2 GB of RAM and 16 GB eMMC. With microSD slot, 3 g option/LTE and Android 5.0 Lollipop low end models will have-but probably not the only representatives of new line. In the last few hours is coming off a first image of YT3-850F. Continue reading 8 and 10 Inch Tablet from Lenovo Yoga 3

Light Work OS is an Android Tablet 5 Start Menu

The Asian media speak of Light Work OS, the new Rockchip Android tablet manufacturer attempt-sized to fit. The system resembles itypeusa, and in fact you could say it is a modified version with a Start menu, with a theme that resembles Microsoft, and with apps that can turn into Resizable Windows.

Light Work OS uses free sources Android 5.1 Lollipop. The first tablet to use it will be a Pipo P9 with 10 inch screen and RK3288 SoC, 2 GB of RAM (basically the hardware base of Asus Chromebook Flip) but its spread in our country is still to be evaluated. Continue reading Light Work OS is an Android Tablet 5 Start Menu

Accessories: Wireless Nexus 7 Charger

Charger with with more than just power on the way to the Nexus 7.

When the Nexus 7 hit the streets for the second time, was a virtually unanimous reviewer team is not in doubt that Google’s tablet was still a find for the money. It is the still, but some tears, however, has hit the screen on series from last year, when the Committee of accessories have not satisfied everyone.

This is, of course, along with several factors, but the most obvious explanation is probably that Nexus 7 haven’t sold nearly as much as expected. Continue reading Accessories: Wireless Nexus 7 Charger

Exclusive Twitter App for Samsung Tablets

A tablet-optimized app for Twitter has been posted on the market-but only for Samsung’s tablets.

Now along comes finally a tablet-optimized Twitter app for Android-unfortunately it is far from all that gets the pleasure of it from the beginning.

Twitter optimized for Android tablets are available only for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1, but is expected also to be available as soon as possible to other Samsung tablets.

From Twitter reported that other producers will have to wait on an optimized app, which probably will come on the market at the end of the year.

The new application from Twitter is optimized for larger screens with higher resolution, and utilizes the entire screen size for several different purposes.

Twitter for Samsung is compatible with Samsung’s split screen window feature, and also comes with an updated Widget and S-pen support, so that users can draw directly on images and then posting them.

Twitter can be downloaded via Google Play.

The PC Loses to Tablets and Smartphones

Smartphones and tablets are taking market share from the classic PC, where sales for the sixth quarter in a row continue to fall.

The classic computer or PC, losing major market share to tablets and smartphones. For the sixth quarter in a row is PC sales once again plummeted, it shows the new figures from the IT House Gartner Group analysis.

The declining global sales of PCs and Macs does not seem to stop for the time being. In the third quarter of this year decreased the global PC sales to 80.3 million Bill, which is seven million less than the same quarter last year and a decrease in percent at 8.3. It writes our site. Continue reading The PC Loses to Tablets and Smartphones

Nokia Breathes Life into New Rumors

With a commercial for live streaming from Nokia World teaser Nokia maybe for their new devices.

Granted, this may be a shot in the dark, or a very well-designed mark tings stunt.

Nokia is organizing the 22. October Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, where new products true to form will be presented.

The rumors have been many, and we’ve heard about everything from multiple phones in Asha’s series, a phablet telephone, for a 1520 Lumia Lumia 2520 tablet. Continue reading Nokia Breathes Life into New Rumors