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How to Wear: Band T-Shirts

Hard to imagine that girl ever had a band as inspiration. It is also difficult to imagine that the girl never felt like expressing this enormous feeling for her heart band. Some, like me, have found a way to show this love through the shirts.By the way, every girl I know has at least one in the wardrobe, whether it’s recent or teenage time. Continue reading How to Wear: Band T-Shirts

Tip: Give Some Time For Jeans

The jeans have become so common in our life that is almost unthinkable to delete it from our wardrobe, especially after he became a piece accepted, even on the desktop, but once in a while is a good exercise in style and creativity give a break to the old denim and try the options in tailoring you are beautiful , elegant and comfortable. Continue reading Tip: Give Some Time For Jeans

7 Looks to Rock on Valentine’s Day

When we think of Valentine’s Day, always comes to mind to buy something special for someone you love, aren’t you?

However, this date so special is not made only of present, since it also includes the date of the couple.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to perfect the look, depending on the place of celebration. So, your love will be even more delighted with you. Check out some tips to rock the day 12: Continue reading 7 Looks to Rock on Valentine’s Day

5 Trends to Bet in the Summer

Summer’s almost here and yet the time you keep an eye on a few more trends that are coming with everything.

Candy Colors- The pastel shades are back with all this season in more fluid parts, t-shirts, skirts rounds, facing a very romantic style. And goes beyond pieces as well as accessories. Invest in these shades that look very harmonious and delicate.

Continue reading 5 Trends to Bet in the Summer

Tips for Rocking the Daisies

The flowers have turned the trend for a long time, but recently the daisies have won a good space in our closet, stamping t-shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts and everything. The fine print is that it goes with everything, letting you mount a look more simple, but without excluding the possibility of mounting a ballad. Check out some of the best looks and tips for combining the ideas.


It is very easy to find these rings of Daisy to sell, they are mostly very simple and super sensitive, usually very cheap. Some even have anything written on the inside, for example, “I pick you” (I choose you). This is because the Daisy flower is commonly used for the game “he loves me, he loves me not”, which leaves the cutest yet.

Continue reading Tips for Rocking the Daisies

Tips to Not Make Slip-ups Sets

The clothes go far beyond their practical function to protect the body, are also responsible for transmitting the message that you want to communicate to the world with its image. However, not always what jumps to the eye is what you want to communicate.

Discover little FIBS sets that can get old or even too your visual infantilize:

Slip-ups they age

Choose the wrong color

Despite the choice of color be a matter of taste, the tone should always vary according to your skin, as hot and cold profiles ask for a different range of hues. The wrong color, it doesn’t suit you, get older because evidence such as tags defeitinhos and pales of expression, blemishes, dark circles and wrinkles. The ideal is to prove an outfit you review it with calm in front of the mirror, to understand all the details. Another option is to get a sweater in two different colours, put her face for a few seconds and then do the same with the other. The comparison will help you to understand what was best.

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How to Find Your Style Female?

Rub in your closet clothes of bohemian chic, streetwear, casual, retro and many others? Or maybe you wearing still the same clothes out of spite? You then certainly hard to find and define your own style of dress. Here are some ways to achieve this by being around!

# 1 – Follow the Fashion Trends and Inspired a Round Blogger

Before you define your own style, fashion watch and learn to distinguish the different clothing styles known. This will give you an overview of the options available to you and begin to sort among the styles that you like and those you really do not like.

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Curvy Girl Fashion Trends

We have to admit it-in some situations are wide sweater and pants with elastic an absolute blessing.BUT may be so slow figurbetont it again! Luckily he is now back: Curvy trend, in which we will present all our advantages! You do not believe that this can look mega great? Well then waiting times from!

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Ladies Sleeveless Cotton T Shirts

In the summer especially want to look beautiful and attractive summer wardrobe is very diverse and rarely without such thing as women’s summer t-shirts. They settled it long and hard, allowing it to diversify to supplement and make fashionable. Year-old mother universal, necessary and even indispensable thing in your wardrobe. Fashion summer T-shirts are perfectly suited for everyday style clothing, recreation and sports, but also perfectly complement the festive or evening dress.

Styles and Colors Beautiful Summer

Summer jerseys contemporary designers presented in various fittings:

  • Models with wide and narrow bretelyami or do without them – bandow;
  • Different length and width – short, long, free or difficulties;
  • Various types of – shirts, sport bortsovki and decorative.

Continue reading Ladies Sleeveless Cotton T Shirts

The Same Piece in Two Looks

If you think a white t-shirt is only indicated for the weekend and that classic pants are intended for a more formal look, then see how you can use the same article in two contexts.

Bet on versatile pieces, you can use on more than one occasion, and get your wardrobe. After all, fashion is not rigid and depending on how conjugates the clothes can get a more classical style or more trendy. So get inspired in these six summer looks. Continue reading The Same Piece in Two Looks

5 Jeans in Which Must Have Bet

Some people have dozens of jeans, which will accumulate over the years. Push up, skinny, high or low waist, ripped up, retro-inspired, mom, boyfriend fit, bootcut or leggings are many models of jeans available. In fact, the fashion industry has been to innovate this iconic piece, introducing new cuts and materials such as spandex, which contributed to a greater comfort. Continue reading 5 Jeans in Which Must Have Bet

10 Good Investments on Sale

Who can resist the sale? It’s so nice to be able to take advantage of the fantastic promotions and buy those pieces that’s been dating for some time, right? Had already posted here a few tips to consider before going to the sale, so I decided to bet on the 10 wardrobe Basic, in that it is worth investing your budget. Continue reading 10 Good Investments on Sale

Colorful Pants-Where to Buy

Every generation new trends are accrued on young fashion. Who does not remember his trousers flared and the colored shirt that marked the Decade of 70? Over the years what always seemed pretty much ended up falling into contradiction and that modifications were being made. The fashion of today is very different from what our grandparents used when they were young. A trend that gained momentum some time are the colorful pants, with bold colors and vibrant. Continue reading Colorful Pants-Where to Buy

The Model of Jeans Favorite of Each Sister Kardashian-Jenner

The jeans is a basic part of the wardrobe, but it’s not always easy to find one that is perfect for us, right? To inspire you, we are looking for the favorite outfit of each sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, the hottest family in the fashion world! Maybe they do not give you a helping hand to find the style that has the most to your face? Look that: Continue reading The Model of Jeans Favorite of Each Sister Kardashian-Jenner

Style Guide

Secrets and valuable tips for you to apply in everyday life and destroy in looks

Style, more than being fashionable, is to translate what we truly are. Style is something that is conquered with exercise, observation and boldness. So how about some tips to give a turbocharged in your? The personal stylist Manu Chadha account which is the ideal time to shop and how to dress according to the shape of your body. Continue reading Style Guide

Tyrol Features Your New Collection Autumn-Winter

Designer clothing fashion collection mounts to please the little ones and let moms jaw dropped the essay the Tyrol has developed the collection autumn-winter 2009 especially for kids tuned to the fashion world. For girls, retro trends, with many details of appliques with fabrics in plaid and delicate prints in coordinated […] Continue reading Tyrol Features Your New Collection Autumn-Winter

5 Tips to Take Advantage of Liquidation

With the change of season, comes the exchange of collections in fashion and we were crazy with the “discounts”, “settlement”, “sale” and “fire sale” in our favorite stores. The desire to go and buy everything, most of the time without even needing is tempting, just for the price that became that dress that you’ve been wanting to time. Continue reading 5 Tips to Take Advantage of Liquidation