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Find the Right Bikini for Your Body Type

With summer around the corner, our thoughts are invaded by lazy days spent on the beach, in the company of the sea, the Sun and a fabulous bikini! Between the traditional swimsuit, the bold triquíni and the favorite bikini, find out which model it is killing. Then, let yourself be inspired by the smooth, patterned, striped and flowered … Continue reading Find the Right Bikini for Your Body Type

Swimsuits to Use According to Your Body Type

Costumes of bathrooms for each type of body

The holidays are just around the corner, and who go looking for a good bathing suit best for these holidays? I know we all have different body, by those will give you tips on how choose a swimwear according to your body type, so that they can enhance their attributes and hide those minor flaws that always bother us or complexed. Continue reading Swimsuits to Use According to Your Body Type

Calzedonia Swimwear White

The collection of swimwear Calzedonia for the ‘Summer 2015 is one of the most vibrant and cheeky of the season, a rich line of bold creations ready to launch must have really interesting for the hot season. The brand has presented during his last show a full line of daring bikini, uni models combined and printed with alternating one-piece swimsuits and trikini equally seductive.

Collections such as swimsuits Goldenpoint for the summer 2015 have re-launched the trend of models with bright patterns, floral, tropical, abstract and lines that make their appearance along the surface of the chic new Calzedonia signed. Continue reading Calzedonia Swimwear White

Calzedonia Swimwear New York

But he had not given birth just two months ago? How do you get back in shape so dazzling in time for the summer season? And ‘an unspeakable mystery to be supermodels. The fact is that the new advertising campaign of the collection of swimwear Calzedonia, boasts as the face, for the second year in a row, the beautiful supermodel and new mother Gisele Bundchen who, after having given birth to little Benjamin, had with her ​​husband, the sportsman Tom Brady, it must be getting back into shape in a hurry to be ready again for the beach, and that result! Continue reading Calzedonia Swimwear New York

Collection Jungle Dream with Bia Perotti + MUMI

After my accessories partnerships with Dolores Iguacel and Bitri and scholarship with Mylene Sanches, it is with great joy that I present today my capsule collection of swimwear Jungle Dream, developed in partnership with  MUMI. Continue reading Collection Jungle Dream with Bia Perotti + MUMI