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5 Trends to Bet in the Summer

Summer’s almost here and yet the time you keep an eye on a few more trends that are coming with everything.

Candy Colors- The pastel shades are back with all this season in more fluid parts, t-shirts, skirts rounds, facing a very romantic style. And goes beyond pieces as well as accessories. Invest in these shades that look very harmonious and delicate.

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Dutch Footballer in Turkey

Football is a sport that is very much alive in Turkey. Even Dutch footballers are increasingly choosing this country to continue their careers. How many Dutch players play in Turkey? Who was the first Dutchman, who played for a Turkish football club?Interesting issues where not one, two, three will know the answer to.

  • List of Dutch football in Turkey
  •  Galatasaray
  • Fenerbahce

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Women’s Summer Clothing Popular Urban Clothing Brands

The Kaftan female is the kind of clothing that looks good on any body, be it chubby, skinny, tall, short, whatever. It is a light piece, chilled, perfect for use in the summer, but due to its beauty is beautiful in any season.

This clothing is originally from the Middle East, more precisely the Mesopotamian region, and its characteristics are well marked. The cut is very wide, the sleeves are pointed, the fabric is lightweight and the variation of prints is amazing.

There is enough variation in the length of women’s Kaftans, either the sleeves or part overall. All are beautiful, are long dresses, short or blouses. The colors always attract many compliments about the piece.

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How to Dress for Festivals?

In recent years, to discover new trends in fashion and accessories for the summer, has his eyes on the US festival Coachella.  Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna … all the biggest stars are making notable appearances in this music festival which takes place every year since 1999 to the end of April. And where style battles rage. The festival look is inspired many style hippie chic 70s. Long dresses, playsuits psychedelic printed liberty, big flower in her hair … well, this look is decidedly summery.

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Sunglasses Trend 2016 Women’s

To protect flashes of the paparazzi or simply rays UV, the stars always have sunglasses screwed on the nose. Panorama of models by celebrities.

Spring is barely felt that we already consider the pair of sunglasses that you screw over our nose throughout the summer. And to give an idea of trends, nothing like that take a look at models dubbed by celebrities, that summer and winter, spend their time hidden behind scratched solar mounts.

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Plus Size Colorful Clothing

Pastel as the most delicious ice cream varieties of vanilla to pistachio or gaudy colorful as juicy fruits of raspberry and lemon: Summer is the time of the colors! Now not only juicy fruits season, but fittingly also fashion in bright colors that make the summer even more beautiful! Plus-size fashion shows this season super-versatile time in delicate candy Colours or with strong contrasts that shine with the sun in shining.Discover now all the color variety of summer and look forward to enjoying fashionable looks for large sizes, which are made for hot days!

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Tips for Rocking the Daisies

The flowers have turned the trend for a long time, but recently the daisies have won a good space in our closet, stamping t-shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts and everything. The fine print is that it goes with everything, letting you mount a look more simple, but without excluding the possibility of mounting a ballad. Check out some of the best looks and tips for combining the ideas.


It is very easy to find these rings of Daisy to sell, they are mostly very simple and super sensitive, usually very cheap. Some even have anything written on the inside, for example, “I pick you” (I choose you). This is because the Daisy flower is commonly used for the game “he loves me, he loves me not”, which leaves the cutest yet.

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How to Wear Big Floral Prints?

This spring summer fashion gives way to the floral trend but not just any large colorful flowers. Discover without delay our selection shopping.

The spring-summer 2016 is the season of big flowers. Many laid in the 1970s by hippies, flower XL are now present in almost all the summer collections.

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Makeup Trend Spring Summer 2016

The appearance of the hottest season in the year always comes with different colors to brighten up the clothes, makeup and decorations. And, the multicolor combines with summer in Brazil.

Which “tone” will be given to the fashion makeup of summer 2016?  Techniques, style and colors of makeup?

Classic style? Bold makeup? Focusing on the eyes? Light makeup?

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My Little Dress For Summer

With the first heat, we dream of that perfect little dress that we put on in less than two and who knows make us chic little effort and in all circumstances. Here are the pieces to shopper for emergency to be beautiful under the Sun.

Embroidery, the romantic class

Our romantic aspirations will be filled this summer by the dresses decorated with embroideries, which have the advantage of further ease our outfit, playing on transparency. We love the model proposed by Miss R, sober and subtle and can be twister with color accessories if you afraid to be too classical. The embroideries, tulle, crochet and other FishNet are perfect for their air side well appreciable for a chic summer dress by hot weather.

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Garden Design Ideas for Dogs

For many of us, the dog is part of the family. True friend of children, it gives a lot of love and demonstrated unfailing loyalty. Some of our comrades love to stay outside in summer and winter to keep watch or just enjoy the sunshine. Even if they are content with little, our gardens are not always suited to both meet their needs and ours! How many of us have seen their beautiful shrub planted just uprooted by their canine friend as they were back turned? The solutions have a beautiful garden to the delight of both the family and our doggies are however many! Here are some …

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Summer Outfit Ideas 2016

Finally, summer 2016 is really in motion and we would like with this “all-over-white look” kidnap prefer holidays. Informal, delicate looks with Romantic character fit perfectly on this so eagerly awaited summer days! We cases in a light robe in white and dream of strolling in style on the beach promenade of St. Tropez, Ibiza or Mykonos.

Ladies, even far away from the beach and sea, you can in this outfit your favorite gelato served in the new In-Eiscafé or invite your girls for brunch. Here our styling tip is finally warm summer days:

When styling restraint is called for: An All-White Summer Combination of Blüschen and shorts emphasizes the modern understatement. The blouse by René Lezard (the fashion house available) makes the material mix for an airy feeling fresh and keeps us on hot days like these cool.

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How to Design the Garden for Beginners

Buying a property is always a milestone and it is sometimes difficult to project in his new home, both inside and outside. If the redevelopment of the House is often based on fixed criteria such as the surface of the pieces, the color of the walls, materials on the ground, the rearrangement of the garden requires any thought, since it depends on factors that are sometimes difficult to control. The methods are simple to identify it quickly! Here’s a roundup of the criteria to be taken into account to enjoy all the splendor of your new outdoor space and make your new green paradise.

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Easy to Maintain Front Gardens

Real link between water and Earth, the mare is a full-fledged intermediate ecosystem.The rain and the weather make a space defined by its water level fluctuations. Its biodiversity often very rich in fact also an exciting environment, both for fans and experts in the field.


But to enjoy the attractions of this landscaped area in constant evolution, some action!Don’t panic: owning a pool is not reserved to connoisseurs. Its maintenance is accessible to all and can be very playful! So places essential care to preserve your wet area and enjoy its charm all year round!

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How to Wear the Metallic Trend?

The spring-summer 2016 we put eyeful with its metallic trend. Accessories to ready-to-wear, shiny looks fuse, desirable but sometimes complicated to wear. Some tips to be light.

From the smallest accessory to the largest piece, gloss settles on the shelves of the season. The biggest brands have praised: gold, silver, copper invite themselves everywhere. Christian Dior on it-bags and Diorama Diorever, from fingertips to toes Chanel and even from head to foot in Lacoste, brilliance is required. The problem is that unless you live in the nostalgia of the 80 or feeding a passion for British eccentricity, this bias can be difficult to adopt. You dream of a brilliant look for spring-summer but you are puzzled at the idea of ​​handling the trend? That’s three precepts for you to enter into the light.

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