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Save Space in the Bag

See how to pack belongings and clothes to make the luggage more organized

Making the suitcase is considered by many an art. In addition to assessing what should be taken, without excess or lack, organizing clothes and accessories to save space can be critical. After all, the return is always heavier, and luggage ends up with souvenirs and other accouterments acquired in the holiday destination. Continue reading Save Space in the Bag

Sabbatical – When We Know

Finally arrived in your town.

Was nostalgic of your bed. The smell of your home. No one was picking her up at the airport. Preferred as well. Had already been so alone … why not now? Learn, or better, notara, when traveling, I liked that feeling of feel free. It wasn’t a feel free to do whatever I wanted. It already had. But freedom itself, the Act of a State of being who I really was. Almost a stranger. And somehow made it preserves that feel to still be traveling. Continue reading Sabbatical – When We Know