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Best Graduated Compression Stockings

Today’s lifestyle is increasingly characterized by a sedentary lifestyle, stay standing, lack of physical movement. This can lead to circulatory slowdowns, swelling, heaviness and risk of varicose veins. But there is, in pharmacy, a valuable remedy.

If, as they say, man has the age of his arteries, the woman shows one of her legs, or rather, one of his veins. But this is not merely a question of age: the beauty of a woman is also linked to the charm of her legs. This tool of subtle seduction that women have with regard to man can also be a source of dissatisfaction, when for example the legs deviate too much from a model considered ideal.

Even if varicose veins are not a pathology to be interpreted only by women, women suffer more, one out of three or four, against one in ten for men. Continue reading Best Graduated Compression Stockings

Tights In Winter: The Expected Return of A Legendary Accessory

Girls, do you remember when we talked about if theaverages were necessary or not? In that debate, which already almost a year ago, we were able to read all kinds of opinions. They were those who applied against this female garment in a radical way and, on the other hand, we witnessed some girls who loved the half so much that they had no intention of letting use them ever again. Continue reading Tights In Winter: The Expected Return of A Legendary Accessory

Foot Cleavage Shoes

The care of the legs could be a real job. We all know: creams and creams, mud, so much water, no heels, healthy eating, a little salt… argh argh argh! It is not easy, is it? I know very well: for setting up my legs are strong and therefore have gazelle legs for me and it will be virtually impossible! However, over the years, I learned a few tricks, you know? The length of the skirt should be proportional to the length and shape of the legs, neither too long nor too short: eye brim! And then, nothing socks cropping the leg or Paris that squeeze the flab! Eye also to the shoes: bandits sandals with ankle strap and stiletto heels too when the leg is strong! And then … the tricky par excellence to stretch your legs for optical effect, you know? A pair of flesh-colored cleavage!

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