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Apartment House: As Used the Dog to a New Home?

Posted by Dog citizen in March 27, 2015-

Changes are never easy: separating out, boxes from there. This transition can be quite stressful for humans and pets. When they come out of a house, which generally has a larger space for interaction and fun, and will live in an apartment, the adaptation may require further attention. Continue reading Apartment House: As Used the Dog to a New Home?

Problems During the Ride

Posted by Dog citizen in 06/Apr/2015-

The your puppy is of the type that cannot get out of the house which has already begun to pull? He barks at all the dogs, runs and pulls you up and down? Well, if your pet shows some problems during the ride, take it easy, I’m sure he’s not the only one. With a few tips, you can improve enough this behavior and the ride will become increasingly pleasurable. Continue reading Problems During the Ride

Be Vegan

First, I want to make one caveat: with this text, I don’t want to convince anyone to be vegetarian or vegan. I just want to share my experience, my difficulties and discoveries, so who knows who is trying to help or would like to follow this path and make you less lonely. Continue reading Be Vegan

Screenplay Freedom

Let’s start from the beginning.

Freedom is a neighborhood with a mix of Orientalcultures, it’s not a neighborhood “jap-only” or “things”. Freedom and community that the moves have to be viewed with more respect, after all we (Yes, I included!) descendants of easterners learned from respect for your culture and the other is something essential. Continue reading Screenplay Freedom

Sabbatical-Art Saves

“The way out is in

The port is the silence “**

I was in Sao Paulo for two months and I started to feel an itch you know?! A vooontade to travel and see something new, amazing … But it would have to be something relatively quick and economical because I began “the move” in order to get my new place in the world, or at least here in terrinha. And now I thought, what am I going to do for a living? Or better, how am I going to live or what? What kind of job I want from now on? Go back to the corporate world or follow solo career? Or forget all that and go out in the world? Continue reading Sabbatical-Art Saves

Madrid Guide

Guys, this post took a year to air (shame!), but as I wanted to do something completinho, you know how it is, right? Lol!

Some have followed my journey of new year’s Eve in Madrid in December of last year-the hashtag #achadosmadrid. Now do this post telling a little bit more about my programming and indicating my favorite addresses in the Spanish capital. Continue reading Madrid Guide