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II Will Be Presented to the CES in Las Vegas ZTE Grand S

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer will present on the from the coming Monday held CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, including the new Grand S II. What technical data will have the new model in detail, is not yet certain at the moment. Its predecessor was a 5-inch Smartphone with a full HD resolution, a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor from Qualcomm, as well as a 13-megapixel sensor. At the flagship series of ZTE, experts with cutting edge hardware. Continue reading II Will Be Presented to the CES in Las Vegas ZTE Grand S

Motorola: The Performance On July 28th

Last week Motorola was invited to the press conference on July 28th. The fact that the new devices are to be presented at this event is an open secret. In the invitation there was, of course, no word about which smartphones it would be. So the network has made wild speculations and found one theory after another. If you look closely at the invitation, you will notice that there is at least a small hint. Continue reading Motorola: The Performance On July 28th

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch Review

Out of the box your TomTom Multi-sport Cardio, the evolution of the Runner (and well as Multisport), with the curiosity that we geeks in front of new products, the ones that seem to make spells and introduce revolutionary novelty. Unboxing with a “wow” in short. And indeed your TomTom transmits for its distance from the product from which it derives. Weighs more (obvious: the heart rate monitor is integrated into the case), is larger and the strap is done with a different, more “luxurious”, softer to the touch and thick, but not free of defects.

The setting

From the beginning, the body of the watch can be separated from the box and there’s also the band (well made and easy to use) to secure the multi-sport bike handlebar; you put the watch to its charging station and connects to the computer. Pity there is not even the adapter to connect it to the power outlet at home but I don’t think it’s a problem: many devices now come in this way.

The setting of the settings and battery charge times are very short and the battery lasts really superb (which in my language means you always forget to reload everything and he always works), despite the presence of the heart rate sensor that inevitably consumes energy. In short, using it without thoughts – and we love it.

Continue reading TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch Review